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Group Study Rooms

Book a Library Seat for the Fall 2020

Group study rooms will not be available for group bookings for the fall term. It may, however, be possible to coordinate your bookings for the same time in the same room.

All bookings are made for individual seats.

Book a Seat!

Group study rooms are available for the use of UNB, STU and DMNB students. Library-specific policies and additional information can be found below. The following information applies to all UNB Libraries:

  • Group study rooms may be booked for groups of 3 or more students, up to 6 days in advance, using the online booking system.
  • These rooms are for academic purposes only (for example: meetings about a class project; group study; class presentation preparation, etc.).
  • Rooms can be booked for periods of up to 2 hours at a time.
  • Others may be waiting to use these rooms. If you are unable to make your booked time, please cancel your booking.
  • If the room is not claimed or checked out within 10 minutes after the reserved time, the booking will be cancelled.
  • At times when group study rooms are not booked, the space is available for student use. Please note that drop-in users will be asked to relocate if the room has been booked by a group.
  • Between September 1 and April 30, use of the group study rooms is restricted to UNB, STU, and DMNB students only. Other members of the university community can book rooms between May 1st and August 31st.
  • The person making the booking will receive an email confirmation listing details.
  • Those using the rooms for unacceptable purposes (such as parties, tutoring, interviews, etc.) will be asked to vacate the room. Repeated violation may result in users being prevented from booking and using a study room in the future.
  • Covered drinks and snacks are permitted in the group study rooms. Please be considerate of others by disposing of your garbage and leaving the room clean.


Harriet Irving Library

The student who books a room must present a student ID card at the Commons Service Desk to confirm the booking. The student must check out at the Commons Service Desk at the end of the booking.

The HIL has 4 study rooms; most are equipped with a Wireless Presentation System (AirMedia). This system functions with personal or library-loaned laptops. Information about the Wireless Presentation Systems (AirMedia) is available from CETL. Media set-up instructions are also available at the Commons Service Desk.

Science & Forestry Library

Five study rooms are available. All are equipped with white boards; markers and cable are available at the Service Desk.

Four of the rooms are equipped with a Wireless Presentation Systems (AirMedia).

Engineering & Computer Science Library

Three study rooms are available and all are equipped with white boards (markers are available at the front desk), LAN drops, and wireless internet access. Each room will seat 6 people.

Saint John

Hans W. Klohn Commons

The Hans W. Klohn Commons has 9 study rooms available for study groups with seating capacities ranging from 4 to 8 people. Each room comes equipped with a 46-inch monitor. 8 of the study rooms are equipped with a Wireless Presentation System (Mersive Solstice). This system functions with personal or library-loaned laptops or any smart device. Media set-up instructions are posted in each of the study rooms. 7 of the study rooms are also equipped with a whiteboard. Whiteboard markers are available at the Library Services Desk.