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Eco-Emotions of Precarious Entanglements
Honourable Mention

Eco-Emotions of Precarious Entanglements is an evocative exploration of the intricate and fragile relationships between humans, salmon, and the Southwest Miramichi River. With the decline of wild Atlantic salmon populations emerges eco-emotions—emotions evoked by environmental degradation—characteristic of the Anthropocene. By interconnecting the semiotics of human, salmon, and river entanglements, this piece explores the cultural and emotional impact of these changes, going beyond scientific discourse and engaging with the narrative of eco-emotions. This approach enriches understandings of the environmental crisis while bringing to the forefront the cultural and emotional shifts occurring in response to the salmon’s decline. This piece serves as a critical reflection on how environmental loss reshapes values and identities, underscoring the complex entanglements between ecological degradation and human emotional response. In essence, it is a visual representation and a symbolic journey into the heart of human-nature entanglements during the Anthropocene. It stands as a testament to the power of art to illuminate the emotional dimensions of our relationship with nature. This piece invites viewers to contemplate the intricate web of connections that define our existence and challenges us to consider our role in shaping a sustainable future.
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