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Rodeska Robotics
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Traditional warehouses lack automation solutions. So, till date they hire general labour to handle materials manually.  For example, using a forklift/ hydraulic jack to move pallets, manual order picking using Pick-to-light order fulfillment technology. With disruption in supply chain due to covid-19, rise of e-commerce and need to Digitalisation there’s a pressure on supply chain to reduce delivery times while keeping the safety and wages of labourers in mind.   Presently this industry faces challenges like skilled labour shortage, turnover, rising wages, safety incidents and lower throughput. If the supervisor needs to transport material at different processing plant within facilities, they either need to do it manually or call forklift operator. Hence it delay’s entire production line, lowers the moral of workers and reduces the productivity for that day.   Rodeska Robotics runs autonomous mobile robot/ cobot to transport material within facility. The Robots are connected to the facilities internet and deployed by operators through a handy user interface. This helps facility owners to transport material with 0 safety incident, move more pallets compare to manual handling, run in multiple shifts and improved throughput. This our very first prototype in progress.
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Technology Management Entrepreneurship