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Wind Power
Second Place

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Wind energy has been used to extract power for many years using different types of design constructed from different materials. The blade designs for the turbine have improved over the years due to advances in the field of aerodynamics which has led to greater efficiency of wind turbines and greater power output.  The work focuses on the design of smart blades for the turbine which can change their shape and position according to wind conditions. This involves active control where the aerodynamic properties of the blades are adjusted according to measurements to ensure the blade loads are adapted. To achieve this, active vibration control method is to be designed using a smart material. The most suitable smart material for an application such as this is piezoelectric material which generates electric current when there is an applied force and similarly generate force when given an electric current. These properties along with fast response and wide frequency range allow piezoelectric materials to act as sensors and actuators in active control of dynamic systems. The 3d design shows a small scale model of the turbine which basically showcases the idea behind this work.
Submitted by:
Muhammad Usman
Department / Faculty:
Electrical Engineering