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Fish sampling from the Rice Fish System (RFS) research in Myanmar

Rice is a staple food and fish is a fundamental nutritional source for Myanmar people, especially for the grassroots in the rural areas. Because of the agriculture priority policy and rice field encroachment onto the seasonally inundated plains, crucial habitats for the life cycle completion of the inland fish species along the river systems were degraded and deteriorated. The consequence is a considerable decline in inland capture fisheries production in Myanmar. Rice plantation and fish spawning seasons in Myanmar coincide in the Rainy Season. The research finds a solution on how to harmonize rice intensification and sustainability of inland wild fish production through the integration of fish and rice in the modified rice field in the rice plantation season in Myanmar. The research concept is wild fish will enter the modified rice field and use as an alternative habitat. Fish sampling was done regularly to monitor what kinds of fish species enter the rice field. The photo is sampling fish species using a cast net in the RFS research plot in Myanmar. The research outcome will support the harmonization between rice production and the sustainability of the inland wild fish population in Myanmar.
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Biology Department, UNB-Saint John