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Help Desks As Service Points

Ask Us about research at the help desk of any library at UNB. In addition to answering your questions about UNB Libraries’ resources, collections, and services, we can help you get started with your research, develop research strategies, point you to appropriate search tools, determine how to access specific materials, or refer you to sources of further help. You can also ask for a tour of the library!

  Help us help you!

You can “help us help you” by telling us a bit more about your topic, your purpose, and your timeframe. For instance, are you writing an essay or a report for a class? Are you just starting your research and not sure where to begin or are you at a more advanced stage of research? Are you concerned with a particular historical period or specific geographical area? Are there any other ways in which you could limit or define your topic (e.g. by gender or age)? What is the scope of your assignment—do you have a maximum page length? How much time do you have to work on this?


Saint John

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