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Current e-Resources Tickets

  • August 12, 2021 1:22 pm

    KNOWN ISSUE - UNBWorldCat is experiencing a problem with placing holds on physical print journal articles.

    2 examples that shown the problem:

    (1) The following article link gives an error when attempting to place a hold. Our hold button is labelled “Request Item”: The hold screen gives message "Ineligible for place hold. No pick up locations available." However, the parent journal allows the placing of holds:

    (2) This is a similar example: The hold screen gives the error “Refresh the page. Unable to retrieve pick up locations.” Again, the parent journal allows holds correctly:

    The issue has been reported to OCLC and we have been waiting on a fix since spring.


  • August 12, 2021 12:52 pm

    KNOWN ISSUE POSSIBLY RESOLVED - While access to eBook downloads is *mostly* working now inside EBSCO, there continue to be random titles resulting in the same failure for downloading.

    Again, the PDF full text view that opens inside EBSCOhost does appear to work consistently.

    Further confirmation is being done to investigate these now random issues with particular titles.

  • May 21, 2021 11:36 am

    KNOWN ISSUE PERSISTS - There continues to be trouble with EBSCO eBook access. At this time there are various inconsistencies with downloading content, no rhyme or reason to the trouble, so users may or may not run into problems when downloading from EBSCO depending on the book.

    The PDF full text view that opens inside EBSCOhost does appear to work consistently, but no promises.

    EBSCO is once again being contacted.

  • May 13, 2021 11:37 am

    ISSUE RESOLVED - No official word from EBSCO, but access now seems to be working fine.

    KNOWN ISSUE - it appears there is some fallout trouble from this week's EBSCO upgrade -- we are seeing errors on many (all?) attempts to open the actual fulltext of a book inside EBSCOhost.

    EBSCO is being contacted.

Note: Tickets have been submitted for these e-Resources, but they may still be functioning normally or you may be able to access some of their functionality.

Resource Name Nature of Problem Date Submitted
Evidence-Based Nursing (HighWire Press) Access denied 2022-08-10
Encyclopedia of intelligence and counterintelligence Other 2022-07-18
African American, African, and Black Diaspora Studies (Duke) Other 2022-07-18
IBISWorld Proxy 2022-06-23
Introduction to Computing Systems Other 2022-05-02
WMS frequent time out 2022-04-07
Development of Professional School Counselor Identity: A grounded theory Holding problem 2022-03-07
Press Reader Other 2022-03-05
PressReader Other 2022-03-03
FP advisor Access denied 2022-02-13
Embase Other 2022-02-09
Electricity generation using wind power Other 2022-02-02
Katja Guenther "Between Clinic and Experiment: Wilder Penfield's Stimulation Reports and the Search for the Mind Access denied 2022-01-25
Canadian Bulletin of Medical History Access denied 2022-01-25
Checkout history 2022-01-24
FP Advisor Access denied 2022-01-16
Ethics for the practice of psychology in Canada Access denied 2022-01-11
"Are Professional Codes of Ethics Relevant for Multicultural Counselling?" Jean L Pettifor (2001) Broken link 2021-12-13
Journal for Research of Mathematics Education Access denied 2021-12-10
Reproductive Citizens : Gender, Immigration, and the State in Modern France, 1880-1945 Access denied 2021-12-07
The Handbook of Privacy Studies: An Interdisciplinary Introduction (e-book) Other 2021-12-07
Social Media : Global Perspectives, Applications and Benefits and Dangers Access denied 2021-12-07
Social Media : Global Perspectives, Applications and Benefits and Dangers Access denied 2021-12-07
From preschool to home: processes of generalisation in language acquisition from an indigenous language recovery programme Other 2021-11-26
The American Union Holding problem 2021-11-19
Nature Access denied 2021-11-11
The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents Other 2021-11-08
The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents Broken link 2021-11-08
The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents Broken link 2021-11-08
Bates' visual guide to physical examination Other 2021-11-04
Bates' visual guide to physical examination, by Lynn S Bickley, Barbara Bates 1928-2002 Other 2021-11-04
Gender and empire Holding problem 2021-11-02
The Grove encyclopedia of classical art and architecture Holding problem 2021-11-02
Business Source Ultimate FT issue: article " McDonald's, Subway, DQ to lead fast-food market growth through 2024" Access denied 2021-11-02
Journal of Geophysical Research Access denied 2021-10-30
Wiley Encyclopedia of Management Access denied 2021-10-29
Administrative law in context, 3rd ed. (Emond Montgomery Publications Limited; 2018) via VitalSource Holding problem 2021-10-28
The Civil War Broken link 2021-10-27
Search keyword - Statistic/Statistics Other 2021-10-19
Ebsco ebook app Other 2021-10-06
Uptodate Proxy 2021-10-05
CINAHL (maybe other EBSCO databases too) Other 2021-10-01
Hydrodynamic Forces and Moments on Slender Axisymmetric Bodies in Steady Turning Access denied 2021-09-28
A discourse upon the great fire of London, in the year, 1666. Access denied 2021-09-26
A discourse upon the great fire of London, in the year, 1666. Access denied 2021-09-26
Ebook - Oxford Scholarship Online Access denied 2021-09-24
Forever loved : exposing the hidden crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in Canada Broken link 2021-09-24
White Teacher, Know Thyself: Improving Anti-Racist Praxis Through Racial Identity Development Holding problem 2021-09-23
Globe & Mail Other 2021-09-20
International Studies in Educational Administration Other 2021-09-12
Wiley Encyclopedia of Management Access denied 2021-09-01
Mössbauer Studies in Chinese Archaeology: A Review Access denied 2021-08-20
Analysing practical and professional texts : a naturalistic approach Other 2021-08-09
Surface Science Spectra Worldcat 2021-07-29
Corporate Governance Holding problem 2021-07-23
Journal of Chronic Diseases Holding problem 2021-07-21
Films on Demand Access denied 2021-07-15
Pickup location problem 2021-07-09
Essential Science Indicators Broken link 2021-07-05
SIDA, Contributions to Botany Holding problem 2021-06-21
Wood composites Access denied 2021-06-16
Die Alkaloide aus Melodinus australis (F. M Other 2021-06-04
WorldCat (old version) Holding problem 2021-05-20
AccessEngineering Holding problem 2021-05-20
Engineering Village (Inspec) Other 2021-05-19
Scopus Other 2021-05-19
IEEE Explore Digital Library Other 2021-05-19
ACM Digital Library Other 2021-05-19
Baker, C. (2001). Foundations of bilingual education and bilingualism (3rd ed.). Multilingual Matters. Other 2021-05-18
SCOPUS Other 2021-05-17
Schaum's outlines: linear algebra Access denied 2021-05-14
Howard Journal of Crime and Justice Holding problem 2021-05-12
Environmental taxation and the law Access denied 2021-05-12
Race Relations in Halifax, Nova Scotia, During the Mid-Victorian Quest for Reform Broken link 2021-05-05
AACN advanced critical care Holding problem 2021-05-05
Reserves site Other 2021-05-03
SciFinder Other 2021-04-28
Sectoral Analysis of the Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth in Ethiopia Worldcat 2021-04-22
Journals & Newspapers Other 2021-04-20
journal of military history Holding problem 2021-04-19
Protected black and Acadian electoral districts in Nova Scotia: a case study in institutionalised surrogate representation Holding problem 2021-04-19
UNB Libraries - Selected Newspapers Other 2021-04-05
Birds of North America Proxy 2021-04-01
Embassy Access denied 2021-04-01
Emerald title links to older content (i.e. BLL Review) Holding problem 2021-03-25
Oxford Reference Access denied 2021-03-10
Business Source Ultimate Access denied 2021-03-09
Journal of Advertising Research Holding problem 2021-03-07
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Access denied 2021-03-03
Meltwater Other 2021-03-02
Journal of Trauma and Dissociation Broken link 2021-03-01
Scottish Tradition Holding problem 2021-02-19
Historische Zeitschrift Holding problem 2021-02-19
Marketing Science Access denied 2021-02-14
Mass Transfer Access denied 2021-02-11
Passport GMID, EBSCO databases, and others Proxy 2021-02-08
Research Guides Other 2021-02-08
Lawrence of Arabia (2003) Broken link 2021-02-07
2021/WI FVI*3007*FRL 2021/WI SOCI*3007*FRL Reserves problem 2021-02-04
Consumer behavior : pandemic & post-pandemic (Special edition ; RKMA market research handbook series, 2472-5706) Holding problem 2021-02-03
Mergent Intellect Other 2021-01-28
Advances in Nursing Science Reserves problem 2021-01-25
Export to RIS from library catalogue Other 2021-01-24
Active control of flow separation over an airfoil using synthetic jets Broken link 2021-01-20
Access UN Other 2021-01-19
World Shakespeare Bibliography Access denied 2021-01-18
mayeutica Broken link 2021-01-16
Max Planck Encyclopedias of Public International Law Access denied 2021-01-12
Sociology of religion: a Rodney Stark reader Holding problem 2021-01-12
British Journal of Canadian studies, v7 n2 (1992) Other 2021-01-11
UpToDate Access denied 2021-01-08
Times Digital Archives Access denied 2021-01-04
Revue d'anthropologie des connaissances Other 2021-01-04
Environmental Justice (ebook) Access denied 2020-12-21
Aristotle's Physics. Books I and II Other 2020-12-21
quicklaw Broken link 2020-12-16
Teaching Matters Worldcat record Other 2020-12-11
Economic and social integration of immigrant live-in caregivers in Canada Access denied 2020-12-05
Human trafficking in Canada Access denied 2020-12-05
Profiting from the precarious : how recruitment practices exploit migrant workers Access denied 2020-12-05
Adolescent Research Review Holding problem 2020-12-04
Signs Holding problem 2020-12-03
Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada Broken link 2020-12-02
Bulletin of the American Physical Society. Holding problem 2020-12-02
HUMAN RIGHTS | COVID-19: Human rights implications for Canadians held in remand, prisons and jails Broken link 2020-11-30
Theory analysis for Pender's health promotion model (HPM) by Barnum's criteria: a critical perspective. Access denied 2020-11-24
William Harvey: A Life in Circulation Access denied 2020-11-16
EMBASE Proxy 2020-11-11
All item request item links in catalogue Other 2020-11-10
Reading Hester Pulter Reading Broken link 2020-11-06
The Digital Gaming Handbook Access denied 2020-11-05
Meltwater Holding problem 2020-11-03
Review of general psychology (through PsycARTICLES) Access denied 2020-10-28
Journal of information literacy. Access denied 2020-10-28
Reserves/FogBugz Reserves problem 2020-10-28 Other 2020-10-27
Statista Other 2020-10-21
Request item Reserves problem 2020-10-15
Iter -- Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance Other 2020-10-15
the journal of chemical physics Access denied 2020-10-12
eduroam Other 2020-10-10
Annales historiques de la Révolution française. Access denied 2020-10-08
Migrants in Montreal: managing British female immigrants at the turn of the twentieth century Holding problem 2020-10-07
Virtual gender : technology, consumption, and identity Access denied 2020-10-03
OCLC Worldshare Other 2020-09-30
Film Quarterly Holding problem 2020-09-22
Administrative law eBook title mismatches Holding problem 2020-09-21
Sir Francis Drake revived, 1626 Holding problem 2020-09-16
Sir Francis Drake revived, 1626 Holding problem 2020-09-16
LegalTrac Other 2020-09-02
Pavement management for airports, roads, and parking lots Other 2020-09-02
Renew Books Other 2020-09-01
Disability and Rehabilitation Broken link 2020-09-01
Gale encyclopedia of mental health Broken link 2020-08-30
InSight : A Journal of Scholarly Teaching Broken link 2020-08-24
The inconvenient Indian : a curious account of Native people in North America Other 2020-08-20
Journal of Social History Holding problem 2020-08-19
India at war : the subcontinent and the Second World War Access denied 2020-08-12
Oxford Scholarly Editions Online Access denied 2020-08-10
Indiana social studies quarterly Holding problem 2020-08-10
Atlantic studies. Broken link 2020-08-10
Globe & Mail Other 2020-08-05
Telos Access denied 2020-08-04
Names and nature in Plato's Cratylus Other 2020-07-28
UNB WorldCat Other 2020-07-27
'Singled out Because of Skin Color … ': Exploring Ethnic Minority Female Teachers' Embodiment in Physical Education Proxy 2020-07-23
Crisis and control : the militarization of protest policing Holding problem 2020-07-16
FP Advisor Access denied 2020-07-10
The law of the Canadian Constitution Worldcat 2020-07-06
The Inconvenient Indian : A Curious Account of Native People in North America Worldcat 2020-07-06
Multinational Finance Access denied 2020-07-02
Emotional and pain-related factors in neuropsychological assessment following mild traumatic brain injury. Broken link 2020-06-30
Routledge encyclopedia of philosophy Access denied 2020-06-30
Structural Concrete Access denied 2020-06-29
Semiotica Access denied 2020-06-23
Music and Medicine Other 2020-06-23
A System error occured and authentication problems Access denied 2020-06-18
A System error occured and authentication problems Access denied 2020-06-18
A System error occured and authentication problems Access denied 2020-06-18
eMarketer Pro Access denied 2020-06-18
Mercury and Selenium in Twelve Cutthroat Trout Tissues from High-Elevation Colorado Lakes, USA Holding problem 2020-06-15
Life of Jane Austen Broken link 2020-06-15
Journal Citation Reports Access denied 2020-06-14
Linking Interactional Justice to Work-to-Family Conflict: The Mediating Role of Emotional Exhaustion Access denied 2020-06-12
test Other 2020-06-12
Patient Experiences Navigating Chronic Pain Management in an Integrated Health Care System Other 2020-06-10
Dissertations & Theses (ProQuest PQDT: formerly Digital Dissertations) Other 2020-06-08
Arab historians of the Crusades Access denied 2020-06-02
Journal/Newspaper title search Other 2020-05-31
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer Other 2020-05-29
OED Other 2020-05-26
Journal of Disability & Society Other 2020-05-21
catalogue search not working? Other 2020-05-20
SciFinder Other 2020-05-11
Methods for development of structure, process and outcome indicators for prioritized spinal cord injury rehabilitation Domains Holding problem 2020-05-11
Transportation Research Record Broken link 2020-05-08
Forrester - new account login issue Access denied 2020-05-06
ASTM access via View Full Text links (i.e. Journal of Forensic Sciences) Access denied 2020-05-04
Science Direct - off-campus user access issue Access denied 2020-04-23
Freudian repression, the common view, and pathological science. In Review of General Psychology Other 2020-04-21
International journal of culture and mental health Access denied 2020-04-14
MyiLibrary titles redirect Worldcat 2020-04-13
CDS Journal KB listing 2020-04-04
American Journal of Community Psychology Holding problem 2020-03-30
Off-campus user access trouble (i.e. journal of clinical nursing) Access denied 2020-03-26
Buggy search string Broken link 2020-03-25
Universal Access in the Information Society (SpringerLink) Broken link 2020-03-22
Journal of forestry Other 2020-03-20
Effects of Home Visits by Paraprofessionals and by Nurses: Age 4 Follow-Up Results of a Randomized Trial. Access denied 2020-02-27
Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer 8th ed. by Bergman, Lavine, Incropera Other 2020-02-26
UNB Libraries - Selected Newspapers (Online) Broken link 2020-02-26
the threat of unexamined secondary data: a critical race transformative convergent mixed methods Access denied 2020-02-25
UpToDate user accounts Proxy 2020-02-18
Meltwater - Gleaner Other 2020-02-18
ProQuest eBooks - subscribed titles woes (i.e. The Inconvenient Indian : A Curious Account of Native People in North America) Access denied 2020-02-13
WorldCat Worldcat 2020-02-12
mineralogical magazine Access denied 2020-02-12
Canadian Military Nurse Deaths in the First World War in Canadian Bulletin of Medical History Broken link 2020-02-10
Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Holding problem 2020-02-06
Witches who steal penises: Impotence and illusion in Malleus maleficarum Holding problem 2020-02-05
International Journal of Social Research Methodology Holding problem 2020-01-31
UNB WorldCat Other 2020-01-30
journal of clinical nursing Access denied 2020-01-29
digital national security archive (ProQuest) Access denied 2020-01-28
The Chronicle-Herald (Halifax, Nova Scotia) Broken link 2020-01-27
Health Care Transition: Youth, Family, and Provider Perspectives Access denied 2020-01-20
Reading water and minds. Heberlein, Thomas Access denied 2020-01-17
ATA Magazine Holding problem 2020-01-16
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Other 2020-01-15
catalogue Other 2020-01-09
How the Gods Pour Tea Holding problem 2020-01-08
A system of penal discipline : with a report on the treatment of prisoners in Great Britain and Van Dieman's Land Access denied 2019-11-04
FB Copyright Clearance Reserves problem 2019-04-26
Narrating the Multicultural Nation: The Canadian Media and the World Cup Other 2019-02-20
advances in instrumentation Holding problem 2019-01-04
Ebsco host Other 2018-11-15
WorldCat Holding problem 2018-10-11
WorldCat Discovery - Target Audience Index Worldcat 2018-10-04
WorldCat Worldcat 2018-09-18
A system error Other 2018-09-14
The Wiley Handbook of Global Educational Reform Broken link 2018-09-13
Location floors for HIL-MIC material Worldcat 2018-09-12
All Proxy 2018-04-09
The role of microbes in the formation of modern and ancient phosphatic mineral deposits. Broken link 2018-03-13
Reserves Admin priveliges Reserves problem 2018-01-08 Worldcat 2017-03-09
UNBWorldCat - erroneous links displaying (parent ticket) Worldcat 2015-02-06

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