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Trouble Ticket #13940

Date Submitted: 2021-02-04

Title of e-Resource: 2021/WI FVI*3007*FRL 2021/WI SOCI*3007*FRL

Nature of the Problem: Reserves problem

Details: I asked Copyright re: the status of a pending copyright item for FVI 3007 because it was not in the copyright progress list in Reserves. This is a FRL course that is cross-listed with SOCI 3007, but we must maintain each stream manually (normally cross-listed courses are joined) because this is a FRL course (with previous terms joined together). Aggie said she didn't have a record of the request & that the last term she had for this course was SM 2019. I edited the item note for this item, clicked submit again, and the ticket appeared in the list, as FB 12572. This is one of the FB tickets that Aggie showed me she had closed in FB, but the term shows as SM 2019. I think there is an issue with copyright clearance for FRL courses, because we have to submit for CC every term that an item is used. This results in the same item (because the course is joined) needing CC requested more than once. Is there any workaround for this? Since we are unable to delete items/records, I'm unable to delete them and add them again to submit again. Josh mentioned in our Reserves meeting yesterday that we could now delete items in FRL courses, but did not mention if this was active, and I am not seeing the option right now.

I had also added these items to the SOCI 3007 stream (but had not submitted CC requests) but the items are not showing up in the WI 2021 instance of the course, even though it is joined with the other terms.


Status: Active

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