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Getting Started

Welcome to the Lightboard Studio Guide

The Lightboard Studio is located in room 320C in the Research Commons. The Lightboard Studio is a video recording and streaming space that uses a 66" height adjustable lightboard - an illuminated, forward facing glass pane upon which you can write with erasable markers and annotate projected images in real time.   The studio comes equipped with a 4K camera, microphone system, PC, adjustable lights, and dual 27" confidence monitor configuration.  All you need to bring are your ideas, presentation materials, and a USB stick (though we will lend you one) if you plan to record .

Getting Started

  1. Turn Lightboard on by pressing the “ON” button on the side of lightboard​, it is located on the large white circle (magnet to the board)
  2. A networked PC is provided should you require a computer. The power button is located underneath the board. 
  3. Login with your UNB credentials to access the internet and presentation files. 
  4. You may need to download Teams or Zoom the first time you login to the PC.   ​
  5. Adjust light brightness: There are three “ON/OFF” knobs on the right side of the lightboard, two for the LED lights that illuminate you, and one for the black lights that illuminate the board.​
  6. To record: Connect USB key to recording hardware, press the “RECORD” button and note instructions on the device.​
  7. Ensure the PC and Lightboard are turned "OFF" prior to exiting​

Last modified on February 29, 2024 23:31