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Reference Sources

Reference Sources

The following resources will assist in answering many basic law-related questions.

Print materials are located in the reference section of the Gerard V. La Forest Law Library, located on the second floor of the Law Building on UNB Fredericton's campus. To find additional reference materials, check the UNB Libraries WorldCat Catalogue.

Legal Dictionaries

If you need to know the meaning of a legal word, use a legal dictionary. Legal dictionaries are available online and in print:

Words and Phrases

Words and phrases differ from dictionaries, as they show what the courts have said about a particular term. A words and phrases source will show how courts in different jurisdictions (federal, provincial, international) have defined this term. Online words and phrases include links to these cases so you can see the definition in context.

There are a few words and phrases to choose from:

Legal Encyclopedias

Legal encyclopedias contain narrative summaries of the law supported by references to case law and statutes. They are often the best place to start to gain a general understanding of the law in a particular area.


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