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BIOL 6463 (FR) Guide Ask Us

Guide Sections

SCOPUS video tutorials


Smart ways to find academic literature 

-Scopus overview, accessing databases from UNB webpage

How to find reviews in Scopus 

step 1: create a search string


step 2: apply filter (limit to 'Review')


limit to


How to analyze search results in Scopus 

select the document titles you want to analyze and click 'Analyze search results'



Finding an author's Scopus ID, profile, h-index, publications, collaborators and more 

start with selecting a 'search by Authors' 

author search


Finding articles by affiliation 

select search by 'Affiliation', for example, type 'University of New Brunswick Canada'

affiliation- step1

You will get something similar to the screenshot below. There are many options here for you to explore! As an example, you can select documents that have been published in a given discipline by UNB authors (select 'Document by subject area'), or documents that have been published by institutions that collaborate with UNB (select 'Collaborating affiliations').

affiliation step2

Subject Specialties:
physics, chemistry, biology, biophysics, biochemistry, medical biophysics, engineering, mathematics, geology, forestry, environmental management

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