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Reference Tools

When researching a new topic it is often necessary to get an overview, explanations of unfamiliar terms, or brief factual information.

UNB subscribes to a substantial collection of print and electronic reference tools (dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, guides, and standards) in the field of Accounting.

To find additional reference materials, check our electronic Reference Materials database.

Key Resources

  • CPA Canada handbook. Accounting
    This is the electronic version of the CPA Canada Handbook and accesses up-to-date accounting information by searching keywords or phrases. Table of contents: Accounting handbook ; Assurance handbook ; CPA Canada public sector accounting handbook ; Archived highlight summaries ; Archived revision releases ; Canadian Auditing and Assurance Practice Notes ; Public Sector Statements of Recommended Practice ; Management's Discussion and Analysis ;Guidance of the Criteria of Control Board ; Risk Oversight and Governance Collection ; Investigative & Forensic Accounting
  • Canadian Professional Engagement Manual (C-PEM)
    The C-PEM is designed to help practitioners perform efficient, cost-effective audit, review and compilation engagements for small- and medium-sized entities (SMEs). The C-PEM is also a key resource for training staff and providing just-in-time guidance. Volume 1 discusses key concepts and Volume 2 provides a comprehensive road map to performing assurance engagements. Guidance on documenting audit requirements is provided through two SME case studies with completed audit forms and memorandums.
  • Quality Assurance Manual (QAM)
    CICA’s Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) is a comprehensive resource designed to help firms comply with Canadian quality control standards (CSQC 1 and CAS 220) and develop and document their own policy manuals and systems of control. QAM includes sample quality assurance manuals, commentary and guidance on quality control objectives and Word files for customizing the sample manuals and practice aids – letters, forms and worksheets.
  • Financial reporting in Canada under IFRS (FRICIFRS)
    "Financial Reporting in Canada under IFRS looks at the application of IFRS [International Financial Reporting Standards] from a Canadian perspective. It examines and explains IFRS requirements; illustrating their application using real-world extracts of financial statements from companies that have already adopted IFRS. ... provides an overview of IFRS and discusses how the new requirements differ under the current Canadian reporting system -- helping you to make the transition to IFRS."--Product fact sheet PDF.
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    The complete set of International Financial Reporting Standards incorporating International Accounting Standards and Interpretations.
  • Handbook of the code of ethics for professional accountants [HIL-REF HF5626 .H36 2010 ]
  • 2016 almanac of business and industrial financial ratios [HIL-REF HF5681 .R25 W55 2015 ]
  • Routledge Companion to Qualitative Accounting Research Methods

    Covering a selection of qualitative methodological issues, research strategies and methods, this comprehensive compilation provides an essential guide to the choice and execution of qualitative research approaches in this field. 

  • Wiley Encyclopedia of Management
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Permitted Use | Purchased multi-user unlimited access
  • New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics
    The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics is the key scholarly reference tool for economics. It offers access to over 3,000 articles written by leading figures in the field and is updated on a continual basis.
  • A Dictionary of Accounting (5th ed.)
    "This authoritative dictionary will be invaluable to a range of students and professionals in the world of accounting and finance. There are straightforward definitions of the latest financial jargon and the dictionary includes comprehensive coverage of financial accounting, financial reporting, management accounting, direct and indirect taxation. corporate finance, and auditing."
    Collection limited to subscribed 5-user access
  • Dictionary of accounting and auditing : 10,000 + accounting and auditing terms currently used in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia [HIL-REF HF5621 .L96 2005 ]

Additional Resources

  • A Dictionary of Finance and Banking
    "This dictionary provides comprehensive coverage of financial matters that will make it an invaluable resource for anyone working in banking or finance. It contains entries on every aspect of the financial world: insurance, stocks and shares, commodities, takeovers and mergers, international trade, and government finance. It provides international coverage of the world's most important financial centres, including New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Prepared with the help of a team of experts from Lloyds Bank, this essential reference offers straightforward definitions of the latest financial jargon. The lucid entries and in-depth coverage of personal finance - including investments, pensions, and taxes - also make the dictionary ideal for investors, homeowners, students, and those generally interested in business and finance."
    Collection limited to subscribed 5-user access
  • Wiley Encyclopedia of Management [HIL-REF HD30.15 .B455 2014 ]

    This updated edition of The Blackwell encyclopedia of management has thirteen subject volumes plus an index.  Each volume charts the major developments that have occurred in: digital technologies; ethics and governance-related issues; innovation; emerging markets; organizational networks; and new avenues of sustainable business growth. 

  • Handbook of International Financial Terms

    Reflecting the development of global financial markets, the Handbook is a reliable guide for practitioners, as well as an invaluable companion for advanced students of finance, accounting, and business.

  • Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online
    Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online "is a vast new online library giving instant access to the most authoritative and up-to-date scholarship across the humanities and social sciences. With more than 350 reference volumes to be published in Blackwell Reference Online by the end of 2008, it is the largest academic reference collection available online and includes the critically-acclaimed Blackwell Companions and Handbooks, major reference works such as the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management and the Companion to Syntax, and a whole host of other valuable reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and concise companions."
  • Accounting Terminology Guide

    Free resource provided by the New York State Society of CPAs.

  • Cabells (Journalytics & Predatory Reports)

    UNB has access to Journalytics and Predatory Reports offered by Cabells International.

    Journalytics covers more than 3,000 qualified academic journals spanning UNB's 4 accessible business related disciplines (Accounting, Economics & Finance, Management, and Marketing) to help researchers select the best match to publish their manuscripts. Each entry displays contact information, manuscript and submission guidelines, and actionable metrics to help researchers make informed decisions.

    Predatory Reports is described as a listing of “deceptive” scholarly journals. Journal titles are added on an ongoing basis. The listing first became available in 2017 as a response to a growing number of predatory publishers. It offers journal information, evaluation metrics, and contains details of practices which threaten to undermine quality research.

    Subscribed multi-user unlimited access


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