UNB Libraries - Saint John Borrowing Policy


This policy governs the borrowing of materials from the UNB Saint John Library, which is located in the Hans W. Klohn Commons on the Saint John Campus of the University of New Brunswick.

This policy attempts to balance three goals: basic fairness to all borrowers, facilitation of research, and efficient use of library resources.

All library users are responsible for knowing and following the rules stated in this Borrowing Policy. Users fined or suspended under these rules may not use ignorance of the rules as the basis for an appeal.

Library Cards

Library users must present their own valid UNB or STU ID card to borrow materials. People not affiliated with UNB or STU may apply for a Community Borrowers Card. A lost or stolen card must be reported immediately to the Library. Such cards will be suspended to prevent possible misuse.

Returning Materials

Borrowers are responsible for returning materials on time and in good condition. Any damage may result in an item being declared lost and corresponding charges being applied. Most library materials may be returned at any UNB Library or book drop. The following materials must be returned to the library from which they were borrowed:

  1. Reserve items
  2. Maps
  3. Computer technology and equipment

Item Retrieval

Material held by UNB Libraries may be requested through the Request Item link in the library catalogue for pickup at the borrower’s home library.
Item Retrieval FAQs

Item Retrieval FAQs

How do I make a request?
Please use the Item Retrieval link within UNB WorldCat.
What can be requested?
Material held at any UNB Library can be requested for retrieval at the borrower’s home library. Material that cannot be borrowed, or signed-out, cannot be requested. Course Reserve material also can not be requested.
How will I know when my requested item is available?
You will be alerted by an email sent to your UNB / STU email address.
I’m in a hurry. Is Item Retrieval the fastest way to get my material?
It will take a couple of days for the item to be available for pick up, so it may be faster to retrieve it yourself directly from the shelf if possible. Until the item is retrieved from the shelf by library staff it will be available to other borrowers.
How long does it take for my requested item(s) to be available to be picked up?
Your material will generally be available to you a couple of days after you request it. An email will be sent once it’s ready to be picked up.>
How long do I have to pick up my material?
You must retrieve your material within three days or it will either be returned to the shelf or signed out to another borrower.


When a library user has had an item on loan for 2 weeks or longer, the item can be recalled for use by another person or to be placed on Course Reserve. A notice will be sent to a user’s UNB or STU email address. Recalled materials are due 4 days after the notice to return them has been sent. Fines for recalled items are higher than regular late charges.

Recalls may be issued at any time, including holidays. Borrowers are advised to return all material prior to leaving campus for an extended period. Failure to do so does not exempt a borrower from fines or suspension if an item is recalled.

Fines and Suspensions

The Library will send reminder notices as a courtesy, and will alert borrowers when an item has been recalled. Failure to receive an overdue notice does not exempt a user from fines or suspension. Failure to return library materials on time will generally result in overdue fines. Partial payments for fines will not be accepted. Please see the table below for fine details.

The Library may transfer a user’s unpaid bill to University Financial Services, which has the ability to withhold diplomas, grades, and transcripts and to block IT privileges until all library charges are paid.

Fines and Fees

Item Type Late Fee (Per Item) Maximum Late Fee (Per Item) Lost Fee
Books, Periodicals, DVD/Videos and miscellaneous items such as cables, calculators, etc. $1 per day $28 Cost to replace the item, plus accumulated late fee
Recalled items $5 per day $100 Cost to replace the item, plus accumulated late fee
Course Reserves $5 per hour or any portion thereof $100 Cost to replace the item, plus accumulated late fee
Laptops, cameras, digital projectors and recording equipment $1 per hour $200 Cost to replace the item, plus accumulated late fee

Lost Items

If a user has not returned an item by the time the maximum late fees have been incurred for that item, then the item will be declared lost and the user will be billed the cost to replace the item, plus the late fees. The Library will consider accepting a replacement copy from the user as an alternative to the user paying the Library’s bill for the replacement cost.

We welcome the return of lost items to the library collection. A borrower who has paid a bill with Financial Services may apply to the Library for a refund of replacement fees.


A borrower with overdue library material, or unpaid library bills of $25 or more, will be suspended from further borrowing until overdue material is returned and/or library bills are paid.


Questions and concerns about fines and/or suspensions can generally be resolved directly with library staff.

For unresolved issues, the borrower may present his or her case in writing to the Library Director.

Privacy Statement

The Library is committed to protecting the personal information of all library users. The information held in library records will be used for our borrowing system, application of penalties associated with this policy, and is accessible only to database administrators. This information is collected under the authority provided for in the New Brunswick Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For more information on the protection of personal information at UNB please consult the University Secretariat.

Loan Periods

Loan periods vary by item type and, in some instances, by the borrower’s status. The most common loan periods are presented in the following tables.

General Loan Privileges (Excluding Reserve Materials)

Borrower Loan Period Maximum # of Items Renewals
Undergraduate Students 3 weeks 100 5
Graduate Students / Faculty / Staff 1 term 100 2
Community Borrowers 3 weeks 10 5

Other Loan Privileges for All Borrowers

Item type Loan Period Maximum # of Items
Periodical 3 days Included in book allowance
Video (DVDs, etc.) 1 week Included in book allowance
Popular Reading Collection 3 weeks Included in book allowance

Reserve Materials

Material in high demand may be placed on Course Reserve by course instructors for periods of 2 hours, 1 day, or 3 days. Course Reserve items may be restricted to in-library use only. Course Reserve material must be returned to the library from which it was borrowed.

Book Drops

The Library book drop is located near the parking lot closest to the main entrance of the Hans W. Klohn Commons. It allows borrowers to return material that is not overdue without coming into the library. Laptops and other equipment should not be returned in the book drop. Course Reserve material must be returned to the library from which it was borrowed.