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Learning Lab (HIL Room 112): Helpful Hints

An overhead projector, flip chart, and presentation remote are available upon request. Whiteboard markers and the remote control are located in the desk’s top drawer.
Food is not permitted in the lab. Covered cups and water bottles are allowed. Breaks may be taken in the café located at the library entrance.
The two switches on the instructor’s desk control the lights. The round switch controls the lights directly above the instructor’s workstation and the front row. The square switch controls the lights above the two back rows.
To login to the computers, use UNB username and password (same one to access eservices).
The HIL photocopier is located on the first floor, outside the Reading Room (room 109). The photocopier accepts UCards – uses UCard cash only.
Printing is done through the student network, using the print credit system, with print jobs collected at the front of the lab.
To turn the projector on, point the remote control toward the front of the projector and press the "ON" button. There will be a short lag before an image appears on the display screen.
At the end of the session, please
  • Turn projector, computer, and monitor off.
  • Remind students to logout and retrieve external devices.
  • Return the remote control to the desk's top drawer.
Pay phones are located in the basement on either side of the front entrance. Cell phones may be used in the stairwells.
Washrooms and fountains are located at either end of the 1st floor corridor.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Alicia McLaughlin by telephone at 453-4749 or by e-mail at

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