Off-campus Access: Proxy and VPN

Access to electronic resources for registered members of UNB and STU, normally only available on-campus, is provided by logging in to UNB Libraries' proxy server. You will be required to enter your UNB/STU email ID and PIN.

Bookmarking e-Resources for Off-campus Access

If you are off-campus and wish to bookmark an electronic resource, it is always recommended that you bookmark the page with the URL that is on the UNB Libraries web site. It contains a legitimate starting URL as well the proper proxy prefix for off-campus access. [Publishers/aggregators often do additional authentication which may redirect you to another page. Bookmarking this address will generally fail to authenticate you properly.]

To properly bookmark an electronic resource, right-click on the link to the resources (often the title) and choose "Bookmark This Link..." or similar wording. This will save the bookmark with the proper URL and proxy prefix.

Our Article Database and Reference Materials records also contain a "Durable URL" which will link you to the library record for that title and handle all proxying.

Bookmarks for off-campus URLs should ALWAYS start with:

Examples for Academic Search Premier:

Direct link:,custuid&custid=unbrun&profile=ehost&defaultdb=aph
Link to UNB Libraries record:

Troubleshooting Off-Campus Access

  • Make sure you have NO personal proxy settings in your browser. Our proxy is invoked by the URL only.
  • Check that you don't have any special security software or firewalls that might be interfering with your Internet connection.
  • Use ONLY the URLs from our web site

If that still doesn't work, please try the following simple tests with your browser before contacting Systems staff:

  1. Follow this direct link to Academic Search Premier This should bring up the login when off campus only. Can you log in?
  2. Visit our browser/computer settings page and record the output.