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PitchBook is a private equity and venture capital database covering a wide range of companies, as well as startups. It can be used for competitor research to help identify companies that offer similar products or services. Researchers can also track entire private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) lifecycles from fund initiation to company exits, private mergers and acquisitions (MA) transactions, and the limited partners, fund managers, advisors, and other key players involved. Researchers can save custom searches and set up email alerts to come daily, weekly, or monthly.

Access Information

Following the 'Connect to Pitchbook' button below, each user must create a personal account using their valid email address. Accounts will expire each year at the end of August (saved lists will be available upon re-registration).

Restrictions on Use

Our licensing agreement with PitchBook limits access to current students, faculty and staff of the University of New Brunswick. As such, database login via our UNB Libraries proxy server is required.

Information is for individual, non-commercial, educational and research purposes only. Access to PitchBook is view-only for students and faculty. This includes access to all of the content to view, search, and query.

  • You may download PDF documents/reports
  • You may save custom searches and set up email alerts to come daily, weekly, or monthly
  • You cannot download spreadsheets

Students & Faculty

Download inquires can be sent to:

Jeannie Bail, Liaison Librarian, Faculty of Management and Renaissance College at UNB Libraries
Tel: (506)458-7212

Connect to PitchBook

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