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License: IEEE Digital Library

Permitted Use of Licensed Content

Authorized users are individuals who are permitted to access the Secure Network from on- or off-campus and who have been issued an ID and password by the University. Walk-in users are also allowed.

A journal article or book chapter may be distributed to authorized users for teaching purposes. Printed and electronic course packs are allowed.

Can be provided to authorized users only.

Authorized Users may post up to 25 Articles or eBooks per semester, per course, PDF or HTML format for the purposes of electronic course reserves on Licensee's internal, secured, computer network accessible to only Authorized Users. Each downloaded or printed item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source (title and author of the extract, title and author of the work, and the publisher). PDF copies must be deleted at the end of the course. Printed and electronic course packs are allowed.

Canadian Copyright rules apply (Fair Dealing). Consult with library staff or see the Copyright link below for additional information.

Simultaneous access by unlimited multiple users permitted.
General Permissions and Restrictions
Resources are licensed to the University of New Brunswick for academic purposes ONLY. The content may not be reproduced, retransmitted, disseminated, sold, distributed, published, broadcast or circulated, except as permitted by license or by Fair Dealing provisions of the Canadian Copyright Act. See Copyright @ UNB for further details
Information on this page is intended to provide a brief guide to permitted uses for this licensed resource. For more information about specific uses not covered, please contact Linda Roulston.

  • Off-Campus Access (Proxy)

    Authorized users have off-campus access via UNB's secure network.

  • Printed Course Packs
  • Interlibrary Loan

    May not share any IEEE Standards through ILL. However, a book chapter or one journal article from an issue may be sent via ILL (by post, fax, or appropriate secure electronic means) to non-commercial educational and research institutions.

  • Distance Education

    Same rules apply as for all off-site authorized users.

  • Perpetual Access
  • Alumni
  • Walk-ins
  • Sharing with Non-UNB Colleagues

    Limited sharing permitted for research purposes only.

  • Legal

    Legal Jurisdiction:
    Applicable Copyright Law: US Copyright Act OR comparable sections of Canadian Copyright Law