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As of June 1st, 2019, UNB Libraries will be transitioning to a mediated access model for Kanopy, a library of streaming videos covering a broad range of subjects in the arts and humanities, social sciences, education, business, film and theatre. Please note, Kanopy's pricing model for libraries is based on the number of views per-title; once a title has been viewed (in whole or in part) four times, UNB Libraries is charged an annual licensing fee of $150. As the popularity of the service has grown and more films are viewed, so have the costs skyrocketed.

We understand and respect how increasingly popular streaming media has become as an instructional resource, which is why our modified service offering will prioritize the academic use of Kanopy. Unfortunately, access for individual viewing will be discontinued. We regret having to make this change but it has become necessary to contain costs.

Summary of changes:

  • Beginning June 1st, 2019, UNB Libraries will accept faculty requests for film and video content for teaching/research purposes. When you locate a Kanopy title you are interested in, click on the title and a Kanopy request form will pop-up. Please complete the form including what class the video is for and the date you need to access.
  • All licensed Kanopy titles available to the UNB/STU community will be discoverable through UNBWorldCat. Simply search for the title of interest and follow the link provided in the catalogue record to view the streaming content.
  • General, non-course-related requests for titles discovered on the Kanopy website will not be approved. Users are encouraged to explore our physical DVD Collection located in the Harriet Irving Library, or review our other streaming services.

View a complete list of Kanopy films currently available to you.

For additional information, please contact:
Marc Bradgon, Reference Librarian
Tel: 506-458-7741

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