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ASTM Compass

UNB Libraries's Access

The online resource ASTM Compass does not allow direct linking to discrete sections of the resource, like journal and standards content. Each user must filter through the Compass homepage and then select the desired section for access.


Each time a user visits ASTM Compass you may be asked to agree to licensing terms. You MUST agree to these terms to authenticate for access which then drops a cookie in your browser. You will not need to agree to licensing terms again unless you have removed the cookie from your browser, in which case you will be prompted by the license agreement upon your next visit.


The View Full Text link option may have brought you to this page. Please follow the access link below, select JOURNALS from the Compass homepage, and then choose the title, year, volume, issue you need to access based on your article citation. Unfortunately, ASTM Compass does not support direct linking to article full text.

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