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Trouble Ticket #13952

Date Submitted: 2021-02-08

Title of e-Resource: Passport GMID, EBSCO databases, and others

Nature of the Problem: Proxy

Details: The problem I'm going to describe is, I'm pretty sure, a "me problem", but it's becoming such a problem in my database demos and reference work that I need help to resolve it permanently, instead of as I've been doing, on an ad hoc basis.

There are several databases that will not load properly for me unless I use an incognito browser.  This has been the case for at least the last 5 weeks, though the EBSCO problem may be longer lasting.  In the EBSCO databases (MLA is the one I use most but all do this), I get bumped to a generic EBSCO landing page and cannot search the database I want.  In Passport GMID, I try to use the drop downs to generate a country report, and keep getting bumped back to the front page.

I have the Zotero plugin in my browser (Google Chrome), as well as AdBlock.

I'm certain that this is some setting or something that I have or have done, but I badly need to find a permanent fix.  Doesn't seem logical to me that I should need to be constantly clearing my cache or browser history, either - when I've never done this before.  I depend heavily on saved passwords and couldn't lose those in any proposed solution.

As I mentioned above, these problems are resolved by using an incognito browser, but I don't understand why this would be the case, and I would prefer not to have to do this in perpetuity.

Hopefully this is a simple fix and I am simply an idiot.



Status: Active

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