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Trouble Ticket #13255

Date Submitted: 2020-10-15

Title of e-Resource: Iter -- Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Nature of the Problem: Other


Iter is a really fantastic bibliography, but I'm hoping we can get two things updated that are years out of date: the link resolver and the citation export tool. To see the problem,  (1) do a search, e.g. "chaucer clothing"  (2) click on the first search result. In the separate window that opens for the record, look at the tools with icons at the top. You'll see a tool for exporting to Refworks, which no longer applies to us (not sure if we can do anything about this, or if someone at UoT would).

But more importantly, if you try the "check for full text" icon, it's attempting to use the old UNBF ASIN resolver. Could that be switched to our current resolver?


Status: Active

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