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Book a Seat

Watch a quick video about the booking process.

Select a Library

Study and computer spaces may only be booked by registered students from the UNB community.

Book seats in the Science & Forestry Library starting Tuesday October 13.

  • Harriet irving Library
    Frederiction - Harriet Irving Library
    (158 seats)
  • Science & Forestry Library
    Frederiction - Science & Forestry Library
    (56 seats)
  • HWK Commons
    Saint John - Hans W. Klohn Commons
    (146 seats)
Masks required, Bookings required, Limited hours.

General Information

What you need to know:

  • Due to demand, Study Room seats are now limited to 5 hours per day. NEW!
  • Use Book a Seat to reserve study time in the Libraries
  • Bookings can be from 1 to 5 hours long
  • Book from 1 hour to 7 days in advance of your visit
  • Maximum 50 hours of bookings per week - Sunday to Saturday
  • If a booking is not cancelled at least 2 hours in advance it will count towards your 7 day limit.
  • Check in up to 15 minutes before your booking
  • Bring your confirmation email, UCard and mask when you visit the library.

Please review the Terms & Conditions prior to visiting.