Current Microfilm Subscriptions to Newspapers

Title Latest Received
Amherst News
          See: Amherst Daily News. Issues for the year 2003 are unavailable.
December 26,2014
Chronicle-Herald (Halifax)
          See: Halifax Chronicle Herald
December 31,2017
          See: Citizen
December 31,2014
Daily Gleaner (Fredericton)
          Missing: June 2015
December 31,2017
Devoir, Le (Montreal)
June 30,2018
Guardian Weekly (Manchester)
          Filed as Guardian from Jan., 1953 - Dec., 1981 ; Files as the Guardian Weekly beginning Jan., 1982
December 8,2016
National Post
          Includes National Post Business Magazine, Financial Post, and other supplements. Missing Jan 11-20, 2013 and February 1-10, 2013, dec 21-31 2014
December 31,2015
Telegraph Journal
December 31,2017
Times & Transcript (Moncton)
          Missing: March 2003
December 31,2017

A list of periodicals received in microform is also available.