Library Resources In D2L Brightspace And Moodle

UNB D2L Brightspace

1. UNB Libraries Course Widget

UNB Libries D2L widget

Library resources appear in all D2L Brightspace courses using the default template as a widget or module (see image above) at the bottom of a course page's left column. Here you will find links to:

  • Research Guide / Librarian Contacts - A Subject Guide of library resources chosen by your subject/departmental librarian. These resources take the form of a subject or course guide and might include indexes/databases, UNB WorldCat searching, web links, library floor plans – basically anything that directs students to the tools they need for their course work. If you wish to have the Subject Guide customized to more closely suit course content, contact Marc Bragdon ( or your liaison librarian.
  • Course Reserves - This link appears whether a course has reserves or not. If you are considering reserves (links to online articles and digitized book chapters, for example), see Course Reserves or contact your liaison librarian.
  • Ask Us! - Library help via our Ask Us page.

2. Adding Your Own Links Into Your D2L Brightspace Course

If you choose to go on your own and don't use our Reserves system or just want to provide a link to a single article, ebook or video in a course module, it is important that you are providing durable URLs to our licensed resources and that they are properly proxied.

Consult our tutorial on Durable Links to Library Resources to learn how properly find or create durable links to our licensed content.

3. Getting Help With D2L Brightspace

If you need more assistance with D2L Brightspace, the CETL Brightspace Support Specialists in Teaching & Learning Services provide training, one-on-one sessions, telephone support, and D2L Brightspace resources, including Faculty Training Videos, Faculty PDF Resources, and Faculty Workshops. Find contact details and links to these faculty resources on the UNB D2L Brightspace webpage.

Activating the Library in Moodle at STU

Adding UNB Libraries resources to Moodle at STU is a two-step manual process:

  1. Log into Moodle, go to your course, and turn editing on.
  2. You will add a link to library resources as a Block. Blocks appear in the right-hand side of the screen, at the bottom. Add "UNB Library Resources."

The link to library resources will continue to appear as a Block on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. The default resources relate to subject- or departmental-targeted resources. If you would like specific resources added or removed, please contact Marc Bragdon ( or your liaison librarian.