About Portolan

The Portolan Bibliography was developed and is maintained by the Eileen Wallace Children’s Literature Collection with the broader support of UNB Libraries. It includes works of Atlantic Canadian children’s and young adult literature held by UNB Libraries, most of which can be found in the Eileen Wallace Children’s Literature Collection on the 4th Floor of Harriet Irving Library. Those works not located in the Wallace Collection (HIL-CLC) can be found in other areas of UNB Libraries according to the location code that accompanies their call number.

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Criteria for inclusion in Portolan are as follows:

The author is Atlantic Canadian. More specifically, this means:

The book is set in Atlantic Canada. This was determined by the presence of:

The book features Atlantic Canadian characters, even if the story takes place outside of an Atlantic Canadian setting.

The book is about Atlantic Canadian culture or history.

The book was published in Atlantic Canada.

The following sorts of books have not been included in the Database to any major extent:

The Portolan Bibliographic Record

In addition to the information found in the UNB Libraries Catalogue record for each book, Portolan records also contain the following information:

A detailed annotation of the book, including information about the format and content as well as the relevance of the book to Atlantic Canada. The levels of the books in the bibliography are described by the following terms, defined below:
  • Picture book: A book in which the illustrations are central to the story and are found on every other page if not every page.
  • Easy Reader: A longer, more challenging picture book. That is, fewer illustrations and more words, but illustrations still play an important role.
  • Chapter Book: A book in which the story is relatively short and relatively simple, sometimes in large print, divided into chapters where black and white illustrations are frequent but do not dominate the story.
  • Novel: A longer story, usually directed at young adults, with complex plots and characters and rare, if any illustrations.
Age Range
The age of children to whom the particular book is directed. The information for this section has been derived from notes from the publishers and book reviews, especially in Canadian Review of Materials and Resource Links.
This field contains the name of the province: If the book meets the above criteria for more than one province, multiple provinces are listed.
Books in Portolan have been described using terms from a locally developed, children’s literature oriented, and regionally specific list of descriptors to facilitate precision in searching. A full list of descriptors is available.

For additional information about Portolan, please contact Sue Fisher, Curator, Eileen Wallace Children’s Literature Collection.