Library Catalogues

Catalogue Locations
UNB Worldcat and to some degree the other catalogues below will refer to call numbers and location codes to identify the precise location of the materials at our various libraries.
Guide to Catalogue Locations and Call Numbers


UNB WorldCat
UNB WorldCat is a massive library catalogue. It includes over 290 million bibliographic records from libraries worldwide, including e-journals and e-books, along with selected journal articles. UNB WorldCat searches all these libraries' records, but provides a view which ranks UNB Libraries' material first. Look in the "Availability" section of the records to find the specific location and circulation status of each item.
WorldCat FirstSearch
WorldCat contains more than 130,000,000 bibliographic records (includes books, journals, videos, music) referring to holdings of libraries world wide. WorldCat also includes selected journal articles and internet resources.
SOULS database
SOULS provides access to the following material that is not in UNB WorldCat at this time.
  • Some material located in the Forestry Files Collection. (Location: SCI-FORF)
  • Approximately 10,000 Government Documents brief catalogue records. (Locations: HIL-GOV and HIL-STORG)
  • Science and Engineering undergraduate reports, e.g. Engineering Senior Reports. (Locations: ENG-SENRPT and SCI-THS)


Library and Archives Canada
The Amicus catalogue is a free, national catalogue listing the published materials held at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and the holdings of over 1300 libraries across Canada.
Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
CISTI fills many UNB document delivery requests for articles from scientific and technical journals.
New Brunswick Public Library
Serving 62 public libraries and 4 bookmobiles across New Brunswick with more than 1.8 million items.