Series No. 3

Artifacts (The Flat Earth Society). -- 197[?]-19[?]. -- 32 cm of certificates, world maps, and other material

Scope and content: This series contains a variety of items relating to the ideas and aims of The Flat Earth Society -- maps of the world in several shapes, rubber and sponge balls, and a small wooden gnome holding the sign, "Repent! the Edge is Nigh". Also included are two framed membership certificates as well as several miscellaneous items. Several of these artifacts were featured in articles about the society; others were probably used for display purposes.

Item arrangement is random.

Title based on contents of series.

BOX NO. 10


1. Framed FES Certificate of Membership for George Bernard Shaw dated 13 March 1972 : 38 x 30 cm.

2. Framed FES Certificate of Membership for Yuri Gagarin dated 23 March 1977 : 33 x 25 cm.

3. Illustration of pole nord : 28 x 36 cm

4. Mounted world map : 22.5 x 29.5 cm

5. Two posters "The World is Flat and That is That" for assembly into a "world cube" (unassembled)

6. Globe : 9 cm in height

7. World "cube" on a pedestal : 15 cm in height

8. World "cube" (paper) : 15 x 15 cm

9. World "triangle" (paper) : 16 x 18.5 cm

10. Wooden gnome holding sign "Repent! the Edge is nigh" : 13 cm in height

11. Four small sponge balls

12. Two small rubber balls

13. Baby's rattle (with round balls)

14. Letters Patent creating Leo Ferrari "Duke of Sydney" and " Archbishop of Canterbury", n.d. (includes note from Alden Nowlan dated 4 February 1983)

15. Two slide rules, one with a leather case

16. Cardboard bishop's mitre OVERSIZED

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