Alphabetical Staff Directory

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Allen, Susan Library Assistant  (506) 458-7064Lady Beaverbrook Gym A-116 sallen
Armstrong, Sally Entrepreneurship Librarian  (506) 447-3017Harriet Irving Library sally.armstrong
Auld, Lisa Library Assistant  (506) 452-6041Head Hall (New) Rm. C18A lisaauld
Bail, Jeannie Director of Learning and Research Services  (506) 458-7212Harriet Irving Library 120 j.bail
Balcom, Lesley Dean of Libraries   (506) 458-7056Harriet Irving Library 119 lbalcom
Banks, Lynn Library Assistant  (506) 452-6015Harriet Irving Library 110 lbanks
Benedict, Beverly Library Assistant  (506) 458-7060I.U.C. Science Library beverly.benedict
Benzenhoefer, Rachel Library Assistant  (506) 458-7072Lady Beaverbrook Gym A-117A rbenzenh
Bergen, Sass Library Assistant  (506) 458-7050Harriet Irving Library 504 s.forsyth
Black, Karen Library Assistant, Part Time  (506) 453-4555Harriet Irving Library 113 kblack
Bragdon, Marc Reference Librarian  (506) 458-7741Harriet Irving Library 518F mbragdon
Brennan, Emily Library Assistant, Part-Time  (506) 447-3546Harriet Irving Library emily.brennan
Brennan, Patrick Library Assistant  (506) 648-5709Hans W. Klohn Commons 114 patrick.brennan
Bridges, Ann Library Assistant  (506) 453-4743Harriet Irving Library Rm 117 abridges
Brown, Cheryle Library Assistant  (506) 453-4753Lady Beaverbrook Gym C-104 cbrown
Carter, Jeff Manager, Systems Group  (506) 259-1545Harriet Irving Library 517C jeff.carter
Cassidy, Brian Senior Technical Programmer  (506) 476-9688Harriet Irving Library 515A brian.cassidy
Clarke, Tina Library Assistant  (506) 453-4752Harriet Irving Library 116 tinad
Cotter, Catherine Head Law Librarian  (506) 447-3265Ludlow Hall 118 cacotter
Croos, Saran Librarian  (506) 458-7959Head Hall saran.croos
Cull, Barry W. Information Services Librarian  (506) 458-7057I.U.C. Science Library bcull
Della Valle, Kira (On Leave) Library Ass't Evening Wknd Supervisor  (506) 638-2459Hans W. Klohn Commons 114 C-4 kira.dv
Dickinson, Nancy Administrative Secretary  (506) 458-7986Ludlow Hall 117 nancy.dickinson
Dickison, Joshua Copyright Officer   (506) 447-3378Harriet Irving Library 511-E jjd
Doherty, Heather Library Asst (Circulation/Serials Management)  (506) 458-7982Ludlow Hall Rm. 116 hdoherty
Duffie, Amanda Manager of Technical Services  (506) 453-3529Lady Beaverbrook Gym C-105 amanda.duffie
Extell, Angela Cataloguing/Reference  (506) 648-5957Hans W. Klohn Commons 208 aextell
Ferguson, Beth A (On Leave) Library Assistant, Part-Time  (506) 453-4555 beth.ferguson
Finney, Gail Library Assistant  (506) 447-3220Lady Beaverbrook Gym A-116 gfinney
Fisher, Susan Curator, Children's Literature  (506) 452-6044Harriet Irving Library 414 sfisher
Fitzpatrick, Monica Graphic Designer  (506) 458-7957Harriet Irving Library 119 monicac
Glencross, Rob Digital Publishing Assistant  (506) 447-3309Harriet Irving Library 518B rob.glencross
Goudreau, Alex Science and Health Sciences Librarian  (506) 648-5551Hans W. Klohn Commons 117 alex.goudreau
Grandy, Leah Library Assistant  (506) 453-4834Harriet Irving Library 115 lgrandy
Granger, Jenna Library Services Desk Manager  (506) 648-5703Hans W. Klohn Commons 111 jenna.granger
Gunaseelan, Sarah Library Assistant, Part Time  (506) 453-4601I.U.C. Science Library sgunasee
Hanratty, Siobhan Dept Head, Librarian  (506) 451-6803Harriet Irving Library 205A hanratty
Jack, Christine Manager  (506) 453-5098Harriet Irving Library 309 cjack
Johnson, Patti Auld Library Assistant  (506) 458-7524Harriet Irving Library 502 pjohnson
Jones, Susan S. Technical Services Librarian  (506) 447-3267Ludlow Hall 115 susan.jones
Kerr, James Electronic Journals Co-ordinator  (506) 447-3453Harriet Irving Library 518D jkerr
Leblanc, Craig Systems Analyst  (506) 447-3159Harriet Irving Library Rm. 08 cleblanc
Leiter, Virginia Library Assistant  (506) 447-3380Harriet Irving Library 121 vleiter
Lovelace, Christine Academic Archivist  (506) 447-3263Harriet Irving Library 502 christine.lovelace
Lyons-Macfarlane, S. Nicole Technical Services Library Assistant  (506) 458-7978Ludlow Hall 111 nicole.lyons-macfarlane
MacCulloch, Glenn Evening/Weekend Library Assistant  (506) 453-4734Ludlow Hall 111 glenn.macculloch
MacIntosh, James Library Assistant  (506) 453-4591Harriet Irving Library 116 jmacinto
MacKenzie, James Director of Scholarly Technologies; Acting Head of Archives and Special Collections   (506) 259-2774Harriet Irving Library 503 jmackenz
MacKnight, Lynn Library Assistant  (506) 453-4555Harriet Irving Library 113 lmacknig
MacPherson, Mark D. Library Facilities Coordinator  (506) 453-4543Harriet Irving Library mmacpher
Martin, E. Grace Library Assistant  (506) 453-4729Harriet Irving Library 110 emartin
Matthews, David Acquisitions, Doc Del & Circulation  (506) 648-5705Hans W. Klohn Commons 110 davidm
McDermott, Jeremy Web Developer  (506) 443-3914Harriet Irving Library 515A jeremy.mcdermott
McLaughlin, Nancy Library Assistant  (506) 453-4555Harriet Irving Library 113 nmclaugh
McLaughlin, Alicia Acting Manager  (506) 453-4749Harriet Irving Library 119 amclaugh
McLellan-Savoie, Doreen Library Assistant  (506) 458-7068Lady Beaverbrook Gym C-102 d.mclellan-savoie
Meade, Mike Manager, Digital Imaging  (506) 453-4808Harriet Irving Library 518AA mmeade
Mofford, Jayanna Library Assistant  (506) 453-4555 jayanna.mofford1
Moore, Erik Librarian  (506) 452-6202Harriet Irving Library 518E ecmoore
Mortimer, Paul Circulation  (506) 648-5711Hans W. Klohn Commons 123 C-1 mortimer
Munn, Elizabeth Library Assistant  (506) 458-7066Lady Beaverbrook Gym A-117B emunn
Nason, Michael Librarian  (506) 452-6325Harriet Irving Library 518C mnason
Nurse, Shauntelle A Library Assistant, Part-Time  (506) 453-4601I.U.C. Science Library nurse.shauntelle
Oliver, Susan Senior Administrative & Communications Officer  (506) 452-6103Harriet Irving Library 121 suoliver
Palk, Jenny Administrative Coordinator  (506) 648-5700Hans W. Klohn Commons 111 jenny.palk
Pollock, Lisa Senior Office Administrator  (506) 458-7582Harriet Irving Library 118 pollockl
Ross, David Saint John Campus Library Head, Librarian   (506) 648-5832Hans W. Klohn Commons 113 drross
Roulston, Linda Librarian  (506) 451-6879Harriet Irving Library 208 linda.roulston
Roy, Julia Library Assistant, Donations  (506) 453-4760Harriet Irving Library Rm 316 juliar
Sanford, Jacob Infrastructure/Solutions (ETC) Architect  (506) 476-3329Harriet Irving Library 515BA jsanford
Schilf, Patrick Web Developer  (506) 452-6133 patrick.schilf
Shaddick, Jamie Library Assistant  (506) 648-5706Hans W. Klohn Commons 123 C-2 jamie.shaddick
Shannon, R. Scott eResources Administrator  (506) 447-3472Lady Beaverbrook Gym C-102A rshannon
Simpson, Alana L. Library Assistant  (506) 458-7055Harriet Irving Library Rm 117 asimpson
Sliwka, Agnieszka Library Assistant  (506) 453-5017Harriet Irving Library asliwka
Smith, Pamela Library Assistant  (506) 453-4601I.U.C. Science Library psmith
Smyth, Joanne (On Leave) Librarian  (506) 453-3516Harriet Irving Library 514-L jsmyth
Steeves, Merle Dept Head, Librarian  (506) 453-5043Lady Beaverbrook Gym C-103 mas
Stewart, Matthew Library Assistant  (506) 453-5124Head Hall C-15 matthewj.stewart
Stockall, Janice Library Assistant  (506) 458-7979Ludlow Hall 111 janice.stockall
Taber, Philip Librarian  (506) 648-5863Hans W. Klohn Commons 210 philip.taber
Tanner, Nikki Reference/Instruction LIbrarian  (506) 447-3266Ludlow Hall 121 nikki.tanner
Thompson, Jocelyne Director of Collection Services  (506) 458-7053Harriet Irving Library 311E jlt
Tiozzo, Mario Director, Planning and Analysis  (506) 458-7960Harriet Irving Library 118 mtiozzo
Toner, Neil Library Assistant  (506) 452-6040Head Hall (New) Rm. C15 ntoner
Villamizar, Camilo Web Developer  (506) 447-3177Harriet Irving Library 515B camilo.v
Vose Jones, Kimberly Library Assistant  (506) 452-6064Harriet Irving Library k.vosejones
Wells, Leanne Information Services Librarian  (506) 447-3075Head Hall C34-A lwells
Whitney, Mary-Kathryn Library Assistant  (506) 453-4750Lady Beaverbrook Gym C-102 mwhitney
Wilson, Norah Evening/Weekend Library Assistant  (506) 453-4734Ludlow Hall 111 norah.wilson
Witherspoon, Richelle L Librarian  (506) 453-4602Harriet Irving Library r.witherspoon
Zaraiskaya, Tatiana STEM Librarian  (506) 453-4814Harriet Irving Library 316A t.zaraiskaya