Seminar Room (HIL Room 417)

The HIL seminar room with computers arranged around the perimeter, tables in the middle, and an instructor workstation.

The Seminar Room is found in Room 417 on the fourth floor of the HIL.

This facility is designed for small, interactive groups. It offers 10 student workstations comprised of a Dell PC with a CD-ROM drive, a sound card, USB ports, and a 17" digital flat panel monitor. Individual speakers and headphones are not supplied. Internet connectivity is provided through the UNB network, allowing access to UNB online resources. Printing is done through the student network, using the print credit system, with print jobs collected at the back of the room.

The student workstations are positioned around the perimeter. Two tables with available seating for up to 12 are located in the centre of the room, enabling mixed sessions involving individual hands-on computer use, round-table discussions, or presentations. Total room capacity is 22, depending on intended use.

The Seminar Room podium is equipped with a Dell PC that is connected to a SMART Board, wireless keyboard, and wireless mouse. A presentation remote, flip chart, portable whiteboard, overhead projector, DVD and VCR player, and VGA connector for MacBooks are available upon request.

The SMART Board accessories (markers, cables, etc.) are stored in the podium. A key to the podium is available from Grace Martin (453-4729 or in the Periodical Office (next to the Seminar Room). If Grace Martin is unavailable, ask at the Research Help Desk on the main floor.

Orientation on the functioning of the SMART Board is available from Marc Bragdon, who may be reached at 458-7741 or

Standard software includes:

  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 10
  • SPSS Statistics 21
  • ArcGIS 10.1 SP1
  • Beyond 20/20 Professional Browser
  • MatLab 2013a
  • Minitab 16
  • QGIS

The Seminar Room is open to students as a quiet study room when it is not booked. To determine availability, check the booking calendar posted next to the door and be prepared to leave 10 minutes prior to any scheduled event. We ask that the following rules be observed:

Please see the Seminar Room Helpful Hints for more information.