Letter from Peter McArthur to R. H. Hathaway, April 23, 1920

Author: McArthur, Peter, 1866-1924.

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Letter from Peter McArthur to R. H. Hathaway, April 23, 1920

Author: Peter McArthur

2 p.

Source copy consulted:Harriet Irving Library, Archives and Special Collections.

The Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian literature

Recipient: R. H. Hathaway.

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English nonfiction; prose masculine Special Collections McArthur, Peter, 1866-1924 --Correspondence Hathaway, R. H. (Rufus Hawtin), 1869-1933 -- Correspondence LCSH

Letter from Peter McArthur to R. H. Hathaway, April 23, 1920

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April 23rd 1920.
Dear Hathaway :

Got a glorious letter from

Carman! It was full of vigor and hope and
he reports himself almost well. He is to
spend some weeks at the
Battle Creek
Sanatorium. After that he is coming here
to the farm to visit us — then on to

Toronto to visit
Alan Sullivan. In my
letter to him I mentioned those we spoke
of as being the chief movers in the Benefit.
He says he wants to meet them and I
have ventured to suggest to him that
he regard a luncheon at the
Arts and
Letters as one of the features of his
visit. I told him that he could meet
them all at the
Arts and Letters. If you
approve it might be wise to send him
an invitation as soon as possible so

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2. that other plans may not interfere.
He wrote from the
Hotel Maryland,

Pasadena, Cal. He will be coming to

Battle Creek in May.

I expect to be in
Toronto on Wednesday
Thursday (28th or 29th) and will drop
in to see you. I sending this ahead
so that you can try for that luncheon
invitation without delay.

Yours faithfully
Peter McArthur
P.S. I am trying to blackmail the
C.P.R. for transportation for
while he is in
Canada. I wrote to

President Beatty telling him that
courtesies are due to the poet of
“The Night Express.”