Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Nathan Van Patten, April 11, 1930

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Author: Hathaway, R.H. (Rufus Hawtin), 1869-1933

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Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Nathan Van Patten, April 11, 1930

Author: Rufus Hathaway

2 p.

Print copy consulted: Harriet Irving Library, Archives and Special Collections, The Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian Literature, Vertical file. Folder 582.

The Rufus Hathaway collection of Canadian literature.

This letter is a carbon copy.
Recipient: Nathan Van Patten

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English nonfiction prose masculine Canadian Literature LCSH Hathaway, R.H. (Rufus Hawtin),1869-1933--Correspondence Van Patten, Nathan, 1887-1956--Correspondence

Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Nathan Van Patten, April 11, 1930

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Toronto 2,
April 11, 1930

Mr. Nathan Van Patten, Director,
Stanford University Libraries, Stanford University, California. Dear Mr. Van Patten:

Thanks for your letter of March 30.

As I wrote you on April 5, I duly received your previous
letter enclosing a number of collations and forwarded the
latter to the
Chocorua Press. I have now received themback with a
letter from
Mr. Joseph Leventhal, who is apparently the head
of the concern, which I enclose, together with the collations,
in order that you may note suggested changes in them, made by
Mr. Leventhal.

You will note that Mr. Leventhal expresses the opinion
that it would be preferable to have the description of the binding
follow the collation, and I may say that I share this opinion,
particularly as, as Mr. Leventhal says, it is in accord with standard
bibliographical practice.
Danielson and
Stonehill in theirbibliographies give the description of the binding after the collation, and
so do the men concerned in the Centaur bibliographies.
Hoppe in
his bibliography of
Samuel Butler (my ideal of a bibliographer) does
the same, and so does
Wilson in his bibliography of
W. H. Hudson.

You will note also that Mr. Leventhal intimates that it is
unnecessary to repeat "Copy described--
Lorne Pierce". You no doubt
will agree with this, since your original intention was, I suppose,
chiefly to describe Dr. Pierce's collection.

You will notice further that Mr. Leventhal finds obscurity
in your reference to "approximate size of pages if trimmed in the
usual manner" in connection with the description of "Low Tide on
Grand Pre -1893
". Perhaps it would be better to omit from the words,
"This is "down to" manner" and leave me to deal with the peculiar
make-up of the book in my annotations.

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As you will have seen from my previous letter, I have
a much larger number of items on my list under every head than
you have, a fact which I fear is going to make things rather
difficult for us both. I wonder if I may suggest that you arrange to
take you summer vacation up here and finish the work of making collations from the items in my collection (and Dr. Pierce's) which you
lack. Not a few of these, I feel sure, are unique, or next thing
to it: at any rate, I doubt if you could get hold of them down your

I haven't seen Dr. Pierce since his return from the
South. (You know, perhaps, that he has been in poor health and was
ordered away), and so don't know what is behind his request that you
should send your MS. to
Mitchell Kennerley. Kennerley, I know, has
one of the best
Carman collections in the country, and it may be
that he wants to see the MS. in order to find out what he lacks.

I am not feeling up to much as yet, but hope to pick up
when spring, which has been very dilatory this year — appears.
I am planning, however, as a change, to run down to
New York at
Easter, when I hope to see Kennerley, and also to drop in on the

Chocorua Press people.

Let me hear from you again, soon, please.

Yours truly,

R.H. Hathaway, 258 Garden Ave., Toronto 3, Ont.