Letter from Rufus Hathaway to Mitchell Kennerley, September 12, 1921 : a machine-readable transcription.

Author: Hathaway, Rufus Hawtin, 1869-1933

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Letter from Rufus Hathaway to Mitchell Kennerley, September 12, 1921.

Author: Rufus Hawtin Hathaway

1 p.

The Rufus Hathaway collection of Canadian literature. Vertical file. Folder 535.

This is an unsigned letter. Hathaway's authorship is inferred from the content and sender's address.
Recipient: Mitchell Kennerley

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Letter from Rufus Hathaway to Mitchell Kennerley, September 12, 1921

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Toronto, Sept. 12, 1921
Mr. Mitchell Kennerley,
489 Park Ave.,

New York, N.Y.
Dear Mr. Kennerley:

Sir George Parkin, Carman's old schoolmaster, who has been living in
England for some years past, is in Toronto at present on a visit and
tells me he is anxious to get a copy of a poem which Carman wrote many
years ago on his three daughters. It begins something like this:

"Three little maids in a garden fair."

I fancy I have seen such a poem somewhere, but have been unable so
far to locate it, I wonder if you can help me? Sir George says the poem
was issued in printed form, and it may be that it forms one of - or
part of one of - Carman's early broadsheets or leaflets.

I suppose you know that a Toronto publishing firm is to issue a
volume of Carman's poems this Fall, to include most of the poems
from "Echoes from Vagabondia," and "April Airs", and a few later poems.
The publishers purpose making a nice book, with decorations by a Toronto

By the way, I have recommended that some poems from "The Rough
" and "Earth Deities" be included in the forthcoming volume, as
properly finding a place therein. You no doubt will hear from the
Publishers, Messrs. McClelland & Stewart, in this connection soon, if you
have not done so already.

Yours truly,
Toronto, Canada ADDRESS:258 Garden Ave.


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