Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Frederic Sherman, May 1, 1915

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Author: Hathaway, R.H. (Rufus Hawtin),1869-1933

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Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Frederic Sherman, May 1, 1915

Author: Rufus Hawtin Hathaway

3 p.

Print copy consulted: Harriet Irving Library, Archives and Special Collections, The Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian Literature, Vertical file. Folder 573.

The Rufus Hathaway collection of Canadian literature.

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Recipient: Frederic Sherman

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English nonfiction prose masculine Canadian Literature LCSH Hathaway, R.H. (Rufus Hawtin),1869-1933--Correspondence Sherman, Frederic Fairchild, 1874-1940--Correspondence

Letter from R. H. Hathaway to Frederic Sherman May 1st, 1915

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May 1, 1915.
Mr. F. F. Sherman, 1940 Broadway,
New York, N.Y. Dear Mr. Sherman:

I was delighted as well as surprised to receive the copy of your
Carman check-list which you were so good as to
send me, and for which I hereby extend my warmest thanks. It's something for which I believe the time is ripe.

I must confess that I feel not a little elated to see that my
researches in Carman bibliography were of assistance to you in compiling
the list, as I note the inclusion of no less than seven items to which
I drew your attention following the original publication of the list in
the "Literary Miscellany," while I furnished another in sending you a
copy of our "Tribute". At the same time, I cannot help remarking on
the absence of mention of "Younger American Poets" (New York,1891),
which contained what I think is one of Carman's finest memorial poems,
"Death in April," and also the collected edition of "Pipes of Pan"
(Boston, 1906). What would a
Browning bibliography be which gave
details of "Bells and Pomegranates," and failed to record the subsequent
issue of these in one volume?.

I enclose a list of a number of things of which you appear to have
duplicates and on which I should be glad if you would quote prices,
though whether I can take any of them just now is a problem. At the same
time, I cannot refrain from pointing out that while I voluntarily and
freely gave you a copy of the Toronto "Low Tide," you responded only

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with a letter of thanks, while for the second copy you gave me in exchange a letter of Carman's - an interesting one, I must admit, but
hardly comparable in intrinsic value with the "Low Tide" booklet. This,
I believe to be one of the rarest, and certainly one of the most
desirable, of all Carman items. I hardly realized this at first, and
foolishly, as I now feel, gave away all but one or two of the small
handful of copies which a rare piece of luck sent my way - the only
copies, I am now convinced, which remain. I noticed at the time that
you offered one of the two copies that you got from me, in a special case,
for $35. This seemed to me then a lot of money, but I do not think
now that it was too much, and certainly it is not at the present time.
I do not want to be understood as demanding that you now make a return
in kind for putting these booklets in your possession, but I certainly
would appreciate it at its fullest if you could see your way to making
such a return.

I should like to suggest that you send a copy of the Carman
check-list to
Dr. George H. Locke, Chief Librarian,
Toronto Public Library.
Dr. Locke, I know, would appreciate your doing so. The Toronto Public
Library is not as rich as it should be in Canadian literature (such as
it is), but its Chief Librarian is endeavoring to improve its position
in that regard.

As you doubtless are sending out some copies of the check-list
for review purposes, could I ask you to advise me of any really
important reviews it receives, so that I could send for copies

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3. of the papers containing them?

Yours truly,

Address: 258 Garden Avenue

P. S.- By the way, I have noticed at least one error in the
check-list. The date of the edition of the "From the Green Book of the
" with the additional poems is 1904, not 1903, as you have it. I
must mention also another omission - that of "Low Tide" and "Ballads
of Lost Haven
" in one volume in 1905.