Letter from Bliss Carman to Rufus Hathaway, February 1, 1925: a machine-readable transcription.

Author: Carman, Bliss, 1861-1929

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Letter from Bliss Carman to Rufus Hathaway, February 1, 1925.

Author: Bliss Carman

in pages

Print copy consulted: Harriet Irving Library, Archives and Special Collections, The Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian Literature, Folder number 464.

The Rufus Hathaway Collection of Canadian Literature.

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English non-fiction; prose Carman, Bliss,1861-1929--Correspondence Hathaway, R.H. (Rufus Hawtin),1869-1933--Correspondence Manuscript pages
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First National Bank


My dear
Hathaway :

Here I am the past two
weeks, having deserted my
Connecticut and all
the [tonic] joys of winter, in
pursuit of siller to stick
in my pants' pockets. Not that
I am living in the Bank, as
you might infer from the
address above. No, that is only
my letter box. I am housed
with friends in
Los Angeles

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and divide my time between
setting out on the ranges
in the sun and loafing in
the sun of Main street, a
run — down throughfare but
simple and more interesting
than most of the gorgeous
new fashionable streets.

Expect to have some reading
here. And that I fear will
keep me from getting back to

Canada in time to applaud
Charles G.D. Roberts at his readings.
All success to him !


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I am glad to hear you are
better again. If C.N.
Tel had the proper GUTZ
they would send you out here
for a good long holiday. Me, —
I am shamefully healthy, but
fully thankful, and wish I
could show you some of these
mountain trails.

Now as to the main
part of your letter, it is
difficult to comment on the
selections without knowing
the points or conclusions
you wished to illustrate.

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You know best about that. But
an obvious query is, Are there
not too many from the Songs of
the Sea Children
? — though there
are among the best you have
picked. Also I hope you don't
use the old Ships of St. John.
I hate to see it reprinted, without
alterations. Also, "The Ships of Yule"
is in a vein which you have not
illustrated; I only mention it
because it is very popular.

However, anything you
choose goes with me.

All good wishes
from yours

Bliss Carman