Letter from Bliss Carman to R. H. Hathaway, September 17, 1921 : a machine-readable transcription.

Author: Carman, Bliss, 1861-1929

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Letter from Bliss Carman to R. H. Hathaway, September 17, 1921.

Author: Bliss Carman

3 p.

The Rufus Hathaway collection of Canadian literature. Vertical file. Folder 463.

Recipient: Rufus Hawtin Hathaway

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Letter from Bliss Carman to R. H. Hathaway, September 17, 1921

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Twilight Park, Haines Falls, N.Y.

17. Sept. 1921
My dear Hathaway:

I heard last night from
Mr. McClelland of the
suggested volume of selections,
rather than a mere reprint of
April Airs and Echoes with a
few new poems.

And I have just written
him disapproving the plan.
As I fancy you may have had

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a finger in the pie, and as
you know more of my work
than anyone, I want you
to agree with me that a volume
such as he proposes would not
be a good plan at the present

A "Selected Poems" ought
to select from everything,
not merely from a few
volumes. So I am sticking
to the first scheme.


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But in case you have been
advising 15 Victoria St.,
please know that I appreciate your active interest.

By the way, I hope you will
like "The Ships of St. John"
(new one) which MacTavish
has accepted.

Faithfully as Ever Bliss Carman