QWERTY Spring 2011 Number 26


Timothy Shay
Jasmine O'Brien
Peter Norman
Megan Mueller
Gary Pierluigi
Matt Santateresa
Andrew McEwan
Ryan MacIsaac
Adele Graf
Jeffrey Douglas
Rob McLennan
Jason Heroux
Stephen Kopel
Ryan Crawford
Laura Clarke
Andrew Faulkner
Ben Griffin
David Bellusci
Catherine Owen
Jami Macarty


Barbara Biles
Tom Finn
Joe Davies
Jennifer Stone
Patrick Roscoe


Jesse Ferguson
Malcolm Jamison
Ashley Theriault
Ozren Stambuk


Sarah Khokhar


In Issue 26, Jami Macarty was incorrectly credited in the table of contents as "Jami McCarty" and the title of Jennifer Stone's story, "Christina, After Leotards and Doc Martens," was mistakenly listed as "Story." Our apologies to the authors, and our thanks to them for their patience as well as for their excellent contributions to Qwerty Magazine.