About Us

Qwerty: UNB's Graduate Student-Run Literary Magazine

This is Qwerty's 18th year in operation, and we've put out 29 issues of innovative poetry, fiction, and visual art from emerging and established artists alike. We've published the work of accomplished writers like Ross Leckie, Mark Anthony Jarman, Anne Simpson, Michael Crummey, and Joel Katelnikoff, as well as the early works of emerging talents like Rebecca Rosenblum, Daryl Whetter, Shane Rhodes, Katia Grubisic, and Shane Neilson.

Our People

The Qwerty team changes from one year to the next, usually due to stints in rehab or prison, or worse - some of us actually graduate.

The staff for 2013-2014 is as follows:

Managing Editors

Micah O'Donnell-Gillies

Rebecca Salazar

Editorial Assistant


Fiction Editors

Greg Brown

Andrew Ramos

Poetry Editor

Margaret Crawford

Rebecca Salazar

Art Editor

Billy Johnson

Editorial Board

Sumaiya Ahsan

Martin Ainsley

Cynthia Bouzanne

Alex Carey

Phil Crymble

Bethany Daigle

Gregory Everett

Charlie Fiset

Ashlee Joyce

Reid Lodge

Mike Meagher

Sarah Power

Brandy Robertson

Steven Suntres

Web Manager

James Kerr

We gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance of the University of New Brunswick Graduate Students Association and the Faculty of Arts. Qwerty is a member of Magazines Canada.

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