Qwerty Winter 2003

Table of Contents

Outhouse Katia Grubiic
Introduction Daniel Naccarato
crow's lessons Brecken Rose Hancock
January Katia Grubiic
1/2 Joel Katelnikoff
untitled photo Jennifer Bronson
Ryzard and Sneak Barbara Romanik
from away Jennifer Bronson
What it tastes like
(Sometimes, frost)
Sheri Benning
Voice Yi Mei Tsiang
untitled photo Jennifer Bronson
Terrence Mark Jacquemain
From Cork John Lofranco
heirloom from the Gatineau allison comeau
I Found Jesus at Value Village Mark Anthony Jarman
Low Self Esteem Mark Anthony Jarman
untitled photo Emma Hutchman
Little arteries branching out Ryan Conway
Fluctuation Naomi Lewis
We Discover the Sky from Birds Sherry Coffey
Fractured Fingers Paula Thomas
untitled photo Emma Hutchman
Ghosts John Lofranco
crow's nest Brecken Rose Hancock
The Death of Moths Vanessa Moeller
Canoe, Methuen Lake Katia Grubiic
from ARTICULATIONS Ian LeTourneau
Running Away With the Circus Naomi Lewis
What it tastes like
(Sometimes, salt)
Sheri Benning