Qwerty Spring 2003

Table of Contents

Tube Reuban O'Neill
What Good Poetry Is Barbara Romanik
Eric Hill Award of Literary Excellence:
Judge's Statement
Anne Simpson
Counting the Flies on Pablo Casals John B. Lee
Of Arable Farms and Households Walter Lee
Packaging Jessica Butler
Fresh Parsley Cornelia C. Hornosty
(sophie) rob mclennan
A Life in Birds Jared Peace
Eidetiker #6 Jessica Butler
Two Poems Christopher Mulrooney
A Visit Home Jennifer Coon
Fallout from 1970 Patience Wheatley
Two Poems Adrienne Gruber
The Effective Management of Tools Bob Dougherty
Montreal Construction Site Reuban O'Neill
Toronto-Fukuoka Sue Bowness
Two Poems Beth Goobie
Headless #11 Chloe Lewis
From the Ashes Under 'L' John B. Lee
Two Poems Marilyn Gear Pilling
Eden's Appliance Store Vivian Zenari
Brussels Pub Reuban O'Neill
Compilation Love Paula Thomas
Three Poems Jennifer Still
Three Poems Christopher Yurkoski
the reading Richard Toth
Headless #14 Chloe Lewis
Learning our ABCs: a chapbook Katia Grubiic
Hear the World Open Jennifer Bronson
Lost in a Hail Storm Ian LeTourneau