Artist's Statement

June 5, 1999

In the path of life, we often times are met with difficult decisions. These decisions may create varied tangents, that sometime determine, or not, the outcome of our long-sought dreams. There seems to be no real indication where all this will eventually lead, in our days as actual physical beings, although our spiritual entity is one that holds an infinite trail. The physical roles we take part in are only vessels upon which we travel and fate is a consciousness, a wind that moves us, and no one person really knows for sure in what direction it blows. Conscientious commitment to the inner-self could easily be lost within this sea of ambiguity, also known as the present-day modern society. We all make personal covenants with ourselves and spend most of our lives in trying to meet those obligations. External influences permeate many of our feeling and beliefs. The true path lies not in a place where many follow but in a way that evolves from deep within the heart of each and every individual being, having the courage to take faith and hope, and to grasp an ephemeral understanding of the vanishing moment. We delve into so many past wrongs of our lives that we forget to revel in the present. Learn to capture what you may never have again, now! Do what makes you content for this time, and begin to realize the true purpose of life.

Ned Bear