Shaman's Quest
©Ned Bear

Natimihk (Upstream)
©Ned Bear

(Frost Moon Spirit)

©Ned Bear

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Listen to a conversation with Ned Bear devoted to the mysteries of naming, the tragedies of sale and more.

Edward" Ned" Albert Bear has been a practicing Sculptor of Natural Media for the past 15 years, having begun his career as an artist in 1984, after graduating with honors, from the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design, Fredericton, NB.

Following another few years of extensive studies in other formal art institutions, he continued studies in the field of Art Education, recieving his Bachelor of Education degree, with a major in native art. He, now is pursuing studies in a Master's Degree program, in native art education, at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton Campus. Ned, also served as a member, for three consecutive years, with the New Brunswick Arts Board, and is now, a member of the New Brunswick Maliseet Advisory Committee on Archeology. He presently holds the position as the Director of Education for St. Mary's First Nation.

Ned's current and primary focus in his sculptured works, is on his interpretations of historic and traditional spiritual beliefs, in masks, and in the human-figure form.

Ned Bear has work in the travelling, 1999 international Marion McCain Atlantic Art Exhibition, which recently was shown at the Canadian Embassy, in Washington D.C. It will re-open late this summer , 1999, at the Mackenzie Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Artist's Statement

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