Table of Contents

Three Poems Erin Knight
Logical Conclusions Matthew Goss
To Edmonton by Night Rebecca Fredrickson
Two Poems James Langer
Ariella Naomi K. Lewis
lucida/obscura Vanessa Moeller
Why you haven't heard from me Pat Leech
In Front of Us Sarah Steele
Point A to Point B John C. Ball
Raccoon Diane Reid
Goodbye to All That Nancy Edgar
Two Poems Debra Franke
Bliss David K. O'Hara
Shell Brim Stephanie Yorke
I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness Doug Fisher
Igo J.C. Cawley
Crush Kamia Creelman
Oxycontin Blues Mark Jarman
Incident Along Some River Somewhere Adam Crowley
A Mutter of Pigeons Greg Bechtel
A Dog! A Panic in a Pagoda! Jill Connell
The Neon Man from Mars: Fiction & Fact Joel Katelnikoff
Handful of Paper Notes Paula Thomas