Making up the State:
Women in 20th-Century Atlantic Canada


Janet Guildford and Suzanne Morton, eds.

326 pp.

ISBN 0-919107-21-2
Paper $34.95


For much of the 20th century, women had little to do with making the policies and practices that shaped their lives. While male policy-makers often "made it up" as they went along, an impressive number of women reformers, citizens and activists pushed for new ways of doing things. From the editors of the acclaimed anthology Separate Spheres, this new collection of original articles shows how women helped "make up" the modern state in Atlantic Canada.

Janet Guildford and Suzanne Morton Introduction
Sharon Myers The Apocrypha of Minnie McGee:
The Murderous Mother and the Multi-Vocal State in 20th-Century Prince Edward Island
Shannon M. Risk "The Magnitude of My Services":
Minnie Bell Adney and the Women of Woodstock
Sharon M. H. MacDonald A Passionate Voice for Equality, Justice, and Peace:
Nova Scotia's Mary Russell Chesley
Margaret Conrad Forgotten Firsts:
Female Politicians in the Atlantic Provinces in the 20th Century
Barry Cahill Legislated Privilege or Common-Law Right?
Provincial State Intervention and the First Women Lawyers in Nova Scotia
Shirley Tillotson Relations of Extraction:
Taxes and Women's Citizenship in the Maritimes, 1910-49
Sasha Mullally Between Community and State:
Practising Public Health in Cape Breton, 1938-48
Heidi MacDonald Maritime Women, the Great Depression,
and the Dominion-Provincial Youth Training Program, 1937-39
Suzanne Morton "The End Man is a Woman":
Women, Fisheries and the Canadian State in the 20th Century
James L. Kenny Women and the Modernizing State:
The Case of Northeast New Brunswick, 1964-72
Gail Campbell "Are we going to do the most important things?"
Senator Muriel McQueen Fergusson, Feminist Identities, and the Royal Commission on the Status of Women
Lisa Perley-Dutcher and Stephen Dutcher At Home But Not at Peace:
The Impact of Bill C-31 on Women and Children of the Tobique First Nation
Linda Kealey "A Bitter Pill to Swallow":
New Brunswick Nurses, Professional Identity, and Collective Bargaining, 1991-92
Janet Guildford Persistence on the Periphery:
Advisory Councils on the Status of Women in Atlantic Canada to 2000

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