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Acadiensis was established in 1971 in order to promote the study of the history of Atlantic Canada. From the beginning, the region and its history have been broadly defined. The scope includes not only the territory of Canada's four Atlantic Provinces but also northern New England, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the North Atlantic as they impinge on the history of the region. Contributors have included historians (who account for the largest single group of authors) as well as specialists in historical geography, economic history, folklore, literature, political science, anthropology, sociology, law and other fields. Comparative studies dealing with more than one region are also welcome. Articles are accepted and published in either English or French.

Manuscripts submitted to Acadiensis must be original, previously unpublished studies focusing on some aspect of the region's history. A manuscript should demonstrate evidence of original research, appropriate methodology and knowledge of the relevant scholarship. It is desirable that articles be written in a style that is accessible to the non-specialist as well as the expert in the field. In the evaluation process the submissions are normally circulated to several anonymous readers who are asked to provide an assessment of the article's contribution to scholarship in the field. The author's name is not divulged to the assessors, nor are the names of the assessors provided to the authors. Once the reports have been received and considered, the journal editor prepares a summary of the comments and reports back to the author.

We prefer to receive manuscripts that are about 30 pages in length, typewritten and double-spaced, including footnotes and any supplementary materials such as tables. Unfortunately, we are not able to consider papers that are more than 50 pages in length. In preparing a manuscript for consideration, please remove the author's name from the title page. You may wish to follow the house style for this journal, as demonstrated in the current issues, but this is not required at this stage. It is not necessary to submit more than one copy of your paper, but it is helpful if you provide an electronic file in a standard format, on diskette or by e-mail attachment, and it is helpful if you identify the programme you have used. We normally work in WordPerfect formats, both PC and Macintosh. Submissions may be sent by regular mail or by e-mail. Please provide your return address, including an e-mail address if available. In either case you should expect acknowledgement.

Authors wishing to submit a manuscript to Acadiensis may do so through our Online Journal System (OJS) at this page http://journals.hil.unb.ca/index.php/Acadiensis/about/submissions.

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