About Acadiensis

About Acadiensis

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  • Established in 1971, Acadiensis is a journal of regional history devoted to the study of Atlantic Canada. The essential source for reading and research on the region, Acadiensis is one of Canada's leading scholarly journals.
  • Original research articles present the most recent findings and interpretations by scholars in regional studies, including history, geography, political science, folklore, literature, sociology, economics, and other areas.

  • Documents and research notes offer insights into new sources and neglected areas of investigation.

  • Reviews and review essays focus on recent publications and major issues in Canadian studies.

  • An occasional forum presents discussions by scholars who approach a subject from differing perspectives.

  • An authoritative running bibliography of regional history.

  • Submissions are accepted in English or French.

  • Acadiensis currently publishes twice a year, in the autumn and in the spring. Each issue includes about 180 pages.

  • Acadiensis is a member of the Atlantic Publishers' Marketing Association, the Canadian Association of Learned Journals and the Canadian Magazine Publishers' Association.

  • Acadiensis Press publishes books on the history and culture of Atlantic Canada. Journal subscribers receive a 20 per cent discount.

    The following papers discuss the history of the journal:

    1. P.A. Buckner, “Acadiensis II”, Acadiensis, I, no. 1 (Autumn 1971), 3-9.

    2. David Frank, “Acadiensis, 1901-1999” (paper presented to the Organization of American Historians, Toronto, 1999).

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