Canadian Learning Commons Conference 3
Building on Success

Canadian Learning Commons Conference 3
Building on Success

June 8 - 10, 2008
Fredericton, NB

Canadian Learning Commons Conference 3
Wu Conference Centre

The conference is located at the Wu Conference Centre on the University of New Brunswicks Fredericton Campus.

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2007, Vancouver: Continuing the Conversation
2006, Guelph: Towards a Learning Ecology

You're invited to Build on Success in the Learning Commons!

The Canadian Learning Commons' 3rd annual conference is being hosted by the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, June 8-10th 2008. We are gathering together speakers from universities and community colleges in the Atlantic Region, all of whom share our interest in bringing critical research services into one venue for our students. Atlantic universities have responded to students’ requests for alternative study spaces, integrated services, and a reconceptualising of the traditional library. Our regional initiatives are likely a reflection of work being done wherever Commons are being created. We look forward to showing our "work-in-progress," as the Learning Commons concept continues to evolve, and to sharing ideas for future steps with attendees from all jurisdictions.

Our program attempts to include many perspectives in the Learning Commons framework, from on-the-ground participants like libraries, information technology services, writing centres, accessibility services, to those with a broader scope, like university administrators, community college educators, and those who gather student feedback in satisfaction surveys on all aspects of higher education. We also hope to cast light on the likeliest next steps for Learning Commons enterprises, with sessions on how to keep the physical space of the Commons fresh and responsive to student needs, and how to create and maintain a Learning Commons environment in social networking spaces.

Building on Success begins in June! We hope to see you there.
John Teskey, Director of Libraries, UNB Fredericton