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Tracking for Trouble Ticket #134398

Date Submitted: 2011-09-13

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Title of e-Resource: ebrary - Poitiers AD 732

Type of Problem: eBooks

Location at the time of the problem: STU Campus

Nature of the Problem: Fulltext not accessible

Details of the Problem: Quest gives a link for David Nicolle's "Poitiers AD 732" but clicking on it leads to a "no document to display" message.


Status: completed

Sept 14/2011 - Investigating.

Oct 3/2013 - Unfortunately, this book had been removed from UNB Libraries’ access but not from Quest. Regrettably, this ticket was not properly addressed at the time of submission. eBook access is now provided through UNBWorldCat and this system enables us to keep the access links up to date more readily.

Please note that ebrary provides UNB Libraries with both purchase and subscription based access. Books under subscription access can be removed/added to UNB Libraries’ access at the discretion of the provider and/or the book publishers – access to these titles is not permanent. The ebrary collection has been updated numerous times since this ticket was submitted, and continues to be updated, so the erroneous link should no longer be found.

FYI: We have started labelling purchase vs. subscription based access for eBooks, like in this example where you can see that the bracketed note under the View eBook link tells you the book is “subscribed multi-user unlimited access” from the two providers available:

This ticket is now closed.

Date Repaired: 2013-10-03