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Tracking for Trouble Ticket #134346

Date Submitted: 2011-07-06

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Title of e-Resource: Forestry Chronicle

Type of Problem: e-Journals

Location at the time of the problem: UNB Fredericton

Nature of the Problem: Not in database

Details of the Problem: This journal is being hosted by what was NRC Press at The site allows access - as it should - but the journal is not in our resolver list. I would suggest that all the old NRC journals be checked as The Canadian Journal of Forest Research seems to be in the same boat.


Status: completed

July 7/2011 - NRC list is indeed up to date and accurate for UNB's access. Patron has been contacted.

Oct/5/2013 - This issue was sorted a while ago. The title is not an NRC title nor is it Open Access and so it not listed in UNB's holdings.

This ticket is now closed.

Date Repaired: 2013-10-05