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Tracking for Trouble Ticket #134339

Date Submitted: 2011-06-23

~ View UPDATES below to track the progress of this resource. ~

Title of e-Resource: Headache: Journal of Head and Face Pain

Type of Problem: e-Journals

Location at the time of the problem: Off Campus

Nature of the Problem: Prompts for ID and password

Details of the Problem: I'm trying to access 1989, Vol 29(10)


Status: completed

June 24/2011 - Unfortunately, access permissions to this title are unclear, and UNB's access might not actually begin until content from 1995-Current. Wiley has been contacted for clarification and possible restoration of access, but it will be next week before they can address this issue.

Please submit a Document Delivery request in the interim:

In your request PLEASE note that Scott Shannon has said the online access is not working and uncertain whether it will be restored.

Oct 5/2013 - It has since been verified that UNB’s access begins with 1997 for this journal:

… but this ticket was not properly completed. As was suggested at the time of ticket submission, a Document Delivery request would need to be submitted for the desired content earlier than 1997:

This ticket is now closed.

Date Repaired: 2013-10-05