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Tracking for Trouble Ticket #134298

Date Submitted: 2011-04-26

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Title of e-Resource: Status in management and organizations [electronic resource] /

Type of Problem: eBooks

Location at the time of the problem: UNB Fredericton

Nature of the Problem: Other

Details of the Problem: Status in management and organizations [electronic resource] /

When browsed in quest and *click on title* to display record, get a message: Unavailable for display


Status: completed

April 26/2011 - This ebook is most likely no longer accessible to UNB and the record is in the process of being removed from Quest, and hence not visible.

Verifying record deletion.

Oct 6/2013 - This issue was resolved long ago, but this ticket was not properly completed. This title is no longer part of UNB’s subscription, and its holdings and link have been removed from UNB’s access.

This ticket is now closed.

Date Repaired: 2013-10-06